Water Tanks: Why Aussies Use Them

Water Tanks: Why Aussies Use Them

Rainwater TanksWater is a precious resource, and it’s required for many daily activities. People usually take its availability for granted, but remember that you can’t do much if it’s not available.

In Australia, especially in the countryside, people use water tanks so that they have a steady supply. Rhinotanks.com.au says one of the most popular brands of tanks is Colorbond, for a number of reasons. Tanks are available in different sizes. You just have to decide based on your water usage, the size of the catchment area, availability of city supplied water and the number of users in the family.

Factors that influence purchase

The Australian Government offers subsidies and rebates to help families have access to water all year. Water tanks are available in a number of shapes and sizes. These can be bought based on size and usage requirements.

The first thing to decide is where the tank will be located on the property. Size will depend on the available space. The good thing is that tanks are available in different colours, so they will match the surroundings.

Some of the common materials used to construct tanks are fibrerglass, concrete, plastic, aquaplate, galvanised steel and Colorbond, which is specifically Australian – thin steel sheet with paint outside and a waterproof coating inside to retain water quality.

Choosing the Type of Tank

Each type has advantages and disadvantages. Steel tanks are popular for their durability. Storage does not affect the water quality. These rainwater tanks also last, as long as they are not damaged during transport. These tanks hold up well in case of fire and other weather-related problems. The manufacturer does a lot of testing to ensure they hold up well and preserve their integrity in the most extreme situations.

Steel tanks are environmentally friendly as well. With a 20-year warranty offered with each one, it’s no wonder many Australians prefer them.