What is a Responsive Design and Should You Invest in One?

What is a Responsive Design and Should You Invest in One?

Responsive Web DesignMobile internet usage has grown over the past few years. Back in 2014, mobile internet usage matched that of the desktop. Nonetheless, despite this compelling evidence, most business websites are yet to take this into consideration. Over time, business opportunities are lost as users switch to different sites that are mobile friendly.

What is the difference between a mobile friendly site and a responsive site?

Expose.media explains that mobile websites can be either created through mobile templates or through a responsive design, a mobile template requires you to have a second mobile only subdomain or website. Additionally, with mobile templates, you only build a specific site and not a screen size.

On the other hand, a responsive design only requires you to have a single website that is coded by a web design expert to adapt to any screen size, no matter what device the user is browsing your site from. This type of design has become the most popular way to design a mobile site.

Why should your site be responsive? Here are some undeniable reasons to invest in a responsive design.

Enhanced user experience

If a user logs onto your site and he/she doesn’t find what he’s looking for, they will immediately leave and look for a better alternative. This alternative could be your biggest competitor. A responsive design ensures that the user can easily navigate through your site and find what they are looking for. Research also shows that users are more likely to use a service or buy a product is they have a positive experience with your website.

Increased mobile usage

Did you know that 25% of all emails are opened on mobile devices? These statistics still show that mobile usage is still growing. Investing in a responsive design ensures that you take advantage of the opportunities available and increase your sales through targeting more mobile users.

Google loves responsive web design over mobile templates. That’s why responsive sites perform better on SERPS. Contact a Brisbane web design company today to get yourself a responsive site.