What Makes a Property Difficult to Sell? Know the Signs

What Makes a Property Difficult to Sell? Know the Signs

You might have heard many real estate experts say that a home should not be considered as an investment, and that owning a home with an eye towards making money off it is misguided. However, there is a school of thought that homes actually are a good investment because  of the belief that the value of real estate is ever on the rise. There are many examples of old houses bought for $80,000 decades ago, that are now worth a fortune. Wait until you try to sell a property and you may have a surprise of a lifetime. However, for even the best marketers in the industry, some properties are extremely hard to sell. Many things can make a property unattractive. Some of them are explained below.

Economic Performance

The property market is highly dependent on the economic status of the country. Since you have no control over this factor, the best you can do is time the sale. How much you stand to make on your real estate dealings could be determined simply by observing the market trends. This brings into focus interest rates, with lower values favoring the seller and vice versa.

Aesthetic Appeal

For properties, first impressions have an effect on the chances of buyers showing interest. You may be unable to alter the physical attributes of the property, but at least you can do something about its curb appeal. Some areas that need special attention are the roof, landscape, windows, fence, and garden.

Neighborhood Status

You could also be having problems selling your property because of the neighborhood it’s located in. High crime levels, loud music at night, and uncontrolled wildlife are some issues that scare off potential buyers. While you may not be in control of these problems now, maybe they are things you should consider the next time you are buying.

Improve Chances of Selling

Sold sign in front of house

The first step is to ask a reputable real estate agent for homes for sale in Guelph, Ontario or other popular areas to promote your property as much as possible. Even though budget constraints may start to set in, it is important for the agent to try different marketing approaches, such as social media marketing, call-capture technology and weekend sales. Of course, you may have already lowered the price by now. Special financing is a good move as it makes your property more accessible to prospective buyers.

If no buyers come around, all is not lost. You can actually try renting out the property. The good thing with renting is that it not only provides cash flow, but also helps in buying time as you wait for a market season that is more favorable. However, you want to consider a few factors before renting, such as the need for a property manager, tax effects, rental reliability and insurance coverage.

When everything else fails, there is always foreclosure to consider. Remember to engage the loan provider in case you have challenges making the payments.

The frustration of not finding a buyer for your property can be overwhelming, especially if you do not know all the options available. The truth is that the current situation is a result of one or several of the factors outlined here. If you can find a way around them, you may be laughing all the way to the bank soon.