“What’s Your Favorite Color?” is Actually a Trick Question!

“What’s Your Favorite Color?” is Actually a Trick Question!

Color and Personalities“What’s your favorite color?”

This is a typical conversation starter, an ice breaker, or simply a random “I-can’t-think-of-anything-else-to-ask” question. In fact, your favorite color might already be common knowledge to the people around you. Although this little piece of information may seem senseless, color psychology states that it can somewhat be a reflection of your inner traits and ideals.

So whether it might be obvious in your personal belongings, or a stolen shot of you covered in the color powder of your favorite shade when you once attended a fun run, watch out! If your favorite color is:


You must be an outgoing, ambitious, bold, and energetic person. This vibrant color is often associated with extraversion, vigor, and aggression, but it can also be connected with compassion, warmth, and longing.


You are steady, principled, and composed. Blue is a calm shade that can be interpreted as conservative and peaceful, although it might also mean you’re either too cautious, too anxious, or too naive of your surroundings.


Chances are you have a sunny disposition and an optimistic outlook. This bright hue is often chosen by the adventurers, the jokers, and the dreamers. However, some may see these people as childish, irresponsible, and careless.


Security, safety, and acknowledgment matter to you. Although this shade relates to being environmentally-inclined and peace-loving, green is often associated with people who are very conscious of their image and reputation.


You’re an outspoken and sociable person who loves to be the center of attention. This color represents curiosity, fun, and fearlessness, but can somehow be borderline over-dramatic, flamboyant, or self-centered.


You give importance to individuality and personal identity. Often associated with being eccentric and mysterious, purple people may also be interpreted as artistic, witty, and sensitive.


You are a conservative person who values simplicity. Although this color represents reliability, steadiness, and responsibility, it may also appear as boring, obstinate, or withdrawn.


You often exude sophistication. Black is a strong color that can show independence and power, but it can also be interpreted as being pessimistic, suppressed, and uninspired.


Aside from simplicity, you always aim for perfection and purity. You may be a confident, idealistic, and open person, but others might see you as someone pretentious, clueless, or overly-meticulous.

Although it may not be 100% accurate, your favorite color can tell a lot about your personality. When someone asks you what your favorite color is, they might actually be fishing for more information about you, without you knowing it.