You and Your Chipped Tooth: The Big Deal You Should Mind

You and Your Chipped Tooth: The Big Deal You Should Mind

Chipped ToothA chipped tooth is not that uncommon. It can happen to anyone – including you.

How people get chipped tooth, however, varies. You might have chewed your sweets too hard, bumped into someone while playing sports or used your teeth to open a can. These actions increase your risk for a damaged tooth.

It looks small and may be painless. As a result, some would rather brush the issue aside, thinking that they can live with their chipped tooth. Why bother visiting the dentist for a Zirconia bridge now? After all, it is just a minor issue.

But is it really just a minor issue?

The Concerns of a Chipped Tooth

A minor chip might seem harmless, but it slightly changes how you chew. Since it compromises your chewing mechanism, the other teeth should overcompensate.

When the tooth is severely chipped or broken, you are at risk for severe infection. In some cases, the broken area of the tooth exposes the pulp – a part of the inner tooth filled with blood vessels and nerves – to harmful bacteria. Once bacteria reach the pulp, they gain access to your bloodstream.

Without warning, the bacteria will travel through the chipped area, cultivate itself in the pulp and invade your body through the blood vessels.

Who knew that such a small chip could cause bigger troubles?

Remedies for a Chipped Tooth

The severity of the injury determines the type of treatment you receive. Fortunately, dental practices offer a wide selection of procedures.

Chipped tooth cosmetic in nature only requires tooth-coloured filling. No need to spend half a day at your dentist’s practice; all it takes is a couple of hours to get the job done. Dental shaping is also another option. This quick and easy option shapes up the sharp edges created by the chip.

For severe tooth injuries, dentists often recommend veneers or crowns, which cover the broken tooth. It keeps your smile looking natural minus the pain.

If you chip a tooth, do not brush it off. It is a big deal and you should take it seriously.