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Emerging Trends in the Global HVAC Industry

Air conditioning

With energy costs on the rise, the HVAC industry is not alone in implementing new technologies and features to reduce the impact on the environment. Not just that, consumers are also able to do their bit and save money at the same time. Even small air-conditioning companies in Riverview, Florida are working on implementing the latest technologies to help customers in their area to stay comfortable while saving money. Here’s a look at some of the current trends in the HVAC market, which are hugely impacting energy use and comfort.

Current heating and cooling trends

Motion-activated AC: Really cool, this modern design uses sensors attached to aluminum rod that are suspended from the ceiling. The way it works is that the air conditioner kicks in only when people are in a room. Motion-activated air conditioners are not only compact but also great for reduced usage and lower costs.

Ice-powered air-conditioning units: These units work off frozen water. Water held in a tank is frozen overnight. Since electricity demand is lower at night, consumers save money during the day. Such equipment, with the right amount of tweaking, can provide ample cooling during the hottest hours of the day.

Thermal air conditioning: This technology is still in the development phase. Air-conditioning units powered by this technology use solar panels and, as a supplement, natural gas. This improves efficiency and also provides effective cooling by eliminating electricity costs altogether.

Heating trends that could save money and reduce carbon footprints

eco friendly home

Dual fuel using heat pumps: Heat pumps are most efficient when they work on technology powered by two types of fuel: a gas-powered furnace and an electric heat pump. During low temperatures, gas heat is used by pumps for maximum efficiency. If the temperature is higher than 35 degrees, electric heating kicks in. The initial installation costs are a bit high compared to conventional heating, but savings over a few years into the future can definitely make up the difference.

Geothermal heating: These pumps tap directly into the earth’s energy via an underground pipe (looped), which absorbs heat and distributes it in a home. These pumps also provide hot water for free. Again, it costs big bucks to install a pump of this type but offers huge savings over time.

Heated floors: Electric wiring or water pipes under a floor can offer unparalleled warmth and comfort. Radiant heat put out by a floor heating system increases energy efficiency by at least 30% compared to a conventional one.

Ductless HVAC: Conventional HVAC systems use ducts to supply heating or cooling to a home. The uses of ductless systems are so efficient that they save 40% or more in heating and cooling bills. Installation is unobtrusive and simple.

Home automation: Smart homes and the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) is the new reality. Most home appliances and other products powered by IoT have already led to substantial energy savings. Homebuilders and appliance manufacturers have already started to incorporate systems, making it so easy that a smartphone can be used to turn appliances and other gadgets on and off in a home from any location in the world.

All in all, technology is changing our lives. Its impact can be felt. We can feel the impact in the places we visit and inhabit, along with the pocketbook.

How to Keep Your Greenhouse in Great Condition

woman in a greenhouse

Now that you’ve finally built your dream greenhouse and have been using it for all your gardening chores. It has been a great shelter for all your plants and veggies so far, but if you wish to maximise its use and life, you should think about proper care and maintenance as well. Greenhouses are a wonderful amenity for gardeners but as with any outdoor structure, they’re also prone to wear and tear.

As an owner, you must keep it in tip-top shape so you can benefit from it even after the growing season. Here are some tips and reminders on how you can take good care of your greenhouse.

Autumn cleaning

The autumn breeze is a sign that your plants need the warmth and protection of your greenhouse. Before you take them in, know that it’s also a sign that the glass shelter needs a deep clean.

First, bring your plants, pots, supplies, and tools outside so you can run a thorough cleaning of your greenhouse. Scrub the windows and wash the flooring. Free the paths and bricks from dirt and debris. Get rid of pests and their eggs from the surfaces.

Once the interiors are clean, wipe the glazing from the outside until it’s spotless. Don’t forget to clean the drains and gutters. Clean the pots and tools before you take them inside.

Maintenance check

Take time to check the different parts of the structure for potential damage. Windows and door panes are particularly prone to damage so always check their condition. Broken glass is another common problem that needs immediate action.

In case there is damage, ask your supplier if they can provide you with the greenhouse part that you need. When damages are not repaired immediately, your plants may suffer and it may lead to other structural problems.

Spring cleaning

woman in a greenhouse

When spring comes, your greenhouse will again need some cleaning. Remove moulds, mildew, algae, and fungi on the shelves and benches. Pluck out weed and unwanted plants in and around the structure. Sweep dried leaves and debris. Let the light in by removing the winter cover. To bring your greenhouse back to life for the new season, thoroughly clean the glass parts inside and out.

Roofing replacement

Greenhouse roofs usually become dirty and dark due to the accumulation of debris and the growth of moulds. This happens in both plastic and fibreglass roofing. The problem with this is it minimises the amount of sunlight that enters the shelter.

If you think that cleaning the roofing is not the most practical option, consider buying a new one. Just talk to a greenhouse parts supplier and while you’re at it, ask about their replacement service as well.

Keeping your greenhouse in good working condition is easier than you think. All you need is the basic know-how and a little bit of patience in cleaning and checking its condition on a regular basis. Greenhouse maintenance may require some time, but it’s all worth it if you’re truly passionate about gardening. Take good care of your greenhouse and for sure, it will take good care of your plants.


Three Top Safety Reminders for Garage Door Owners in America

White garage doorThis is a wake-up call to all homeowners in America who uses a garage door daily. You should pay attention to the results of a report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS). It turns out garage doors are the cause of about 15,000 emergency consults in the United States in a year. Injuries from a garage spring repair gone awry in Provo can be serious enough to require hospitalization and additional rehabilitation. How can you protect yourself and your family from such incidents?

1. Never put aside signs of potentially disastrous problems

Safety sensors are there to ensure your safety. When you wake up one day, and the sensors seem to be misbehaving, do not put that aside. It won’t do anyone good if you keep neglecting a malfunction. When a person or an animal walks under the door, he or she must have the confidence that it will hold itself up. A door that does not reverse when you block the beam with a broom to test it is a disaster waiting to happen. Do not invite disaster. Instead, report the problem immediately.

2. Regular maintenance keeps you safe

Repairman fixing a garage doorOlder doors may already be running on empty. That is, the springs that work the door may already be nearing the end of their lifespan. A well-built door will serve your family for many years. Nevertheless, it is a machine that is subject to physical laws, and all machines wear out eventually. When torsion springs wear out, they may not show signs early on. In some instances, the only sign of a problem is breakage, and a door that refuses to close, or a door that suddenly crashes down into the ground. Regular maintenance will reveal signs of wear and tear that a homeowner would not be able to discern. A professional technician would be able to identify potential issues and make the necessary recommendations to avert a disaster.

3. Learn to differentiate petty concerns from large issues

In a machine with many moving parts, something can suddenly let loose, break into smaller pieces, or stop working properly. A garage door may look bulky and huge, but it is made up of many smaller parts. A well-oiled machine should not give you any problems, but anything that falls to neglect, or is not fully understood can be a disaster in the making. Protect your family with updated and relevant safety information about your garage door.

The Advantages of Using Designer Wallpaper

Luxurious bedroom with wallpaperHave you ever imagined your room or your home giving the same outdoor feels as the beach? Maybe you are more artistic; you want to see your four-walled space in an abstract setting? Then designer wallpaper is right for you. Whether abstract, small print, architectural, striped, toile, animal, or beach wallpaper, the aesthetical value you can get from designer wallpaper is immense. More manageable than paint, designer wallpaper is crisp and easy to hang. To get you going with your hopes to redesign your spaces, keep reading.

Key Benefits of Designer Wallpaper

  • It is durable and cleanable – Designer wallpaper lasts long as it is easy to clean and is very durable. It can hold up to the wear and tear that activities at home can cause it. In fact, it can last five times longer than paint. To use paint, you need some knowledge of how to apply and maintain it. But with wallpaper, a typical 10- to 15-year lifespan requires minimal maintenance.
  • It is easy to install and remove – Unlike paint, wallpaper is easy to install and remove. Even with manual installation, one only needs to set up the wallpaper and start pasting it. There are some available technologies now, like a paste-the-wall technology, to make it even easier. When removing wallpaper, pulling it down simply is as convenient as unboxing a gift.
  • It adds character and life – Of course, wallpaper is made to enliven your space, so make it more like you. By having choices, ranging from options with texture, pattern, to color, you are able to make an artwork of your own environment. Pick wallpaper for a feature wall or mural, or styles like a faux finish, all to bring out your character to life. Maybe you need some drama by accenting your walls and covering your doors creatively. With wallpaper, you dictate style and comfort.

Installing Designer Wallpaper

Man holding rolls of wallpaperWhile you need some help if you want to hang your wallpaper manually, it is not really difficult. It is good to make good measurements first. Then you can start hanging.

  • Cut the wallpaper properly – Since designer wallpaper is sold in rolls, you need to make precise cuts when you start hanging. Each cut must fit the measurement of the wall. When there are patterns in the wallpaper, your cuts must still follow the patterns to avoid uneven ones.
  • Apply paste carefully – Applying paste should be done with care. Make sure that you mix the paste as per manufacturer instructions. Using a pasting brush and a pasting table, apply the paste from the center then going outwards until you reach the edges. Do not let the paste dry out before installation.
  • Smoothen the wallpaper – Install the wallpaper starting from the middle of the wall, then work outwards. When smoothening, make sure that air bubbles are flattened out. Do this from the center out as you have done in papering. Wipe off excess paste and make necessary trims.

Designer wallpaper is a great alternative to paint. It does not only provide a better visual appeal, but it is also very easy to install and maintain. If you think that your room needs that look that interior designers are expert at, use designer wallpaper and be amazed.

Top Ways to Deal with Postpartum Depression

a woman crying

The birth of a child often marks the most joyful time for families. Unfortunately, the postnatal period is not the happiest for some parents. According to statistics, at least one in ten mothers suffers from postpartum depression (PPD). Though traditionally linked only to mothers, a growing number of fathers are also getting a diagnosis of PPD, which is also called baby blues but not as severe as that seen in mothers. The condition is characterized by irritability, mood swings, and general depression after childbirth.

While sometimes normal, some cases warrant the attention of a family health professional in Lehi, Utah or any other place in the U.S. These cases usually persist two weeks after delivery and are characterized by significant depressive symptoms. For these mothers, medical attention is necessary to avoid sinking into a major depression or the development of postpartum psychosis.

Here are the current treatment alternatives for PPD:

Interpersonal Psychotherapy

This is often the first treatment alternative for PPD. There are various methods used in psychotherapy, but cognitive behavioral therapy is the most commonly used. Here, you will sit with a psychologist and identify the causative element of your PPD. In most mothers, PPD emanates from getting overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for the baby or fear that they might not sufficiently provide for the baby. In psychotherapy, the concerns that are triggering PPD will be adequately addressed and you will set realistic and achievable goals to overcome the condition.

Support Groups

Most hospitals now have support groups for mothers suffering from PPD. Here, you will undergo counseling together with others under the guidance of a trained mental health specialist. Additionally, you will share your experiences and learn from one another how to cope with motherhood and overcome PPD.


Antidepressants are used to treat PPD. These drugs are taken for a short period starting with a low dose, and then increasing as the need arises. When you are stable, the doctor will reduce the medication’s dosage before stopping it altogether to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

Electroconvulsive Therapy

Young Woman Having A Counselling Session

This is the last treatment resort and is reserved for severe PPD. In electroconvulsive or shock therapy, small electric currents are passed through your brain to trigger a brief seizure. The changes in your brain’s chemistry from this seizure reduce the symptoms of PPD. The number of electroconvulsive therapy sessions you will need depends on your condition’s severity and the response to the therapy.

In the past, PPD was wished away as a passing cloud and people saw no need for medical attention. With the current knowledge of the effects of PPD on different aspects of a mother and her baby’s well-being, medical attention is essential. The above treatments have been proven very effective in the treatment of PPD. Other than the medical therapies, some lifestyle changes will help you overcome PPD. Learn to seek help to care for the baby and take some time off and do something you enjoy. Find ways to incorporate healthy and safe exercises into your daily routine.

What Makes a Solar Company Reliable?

Technician checking the solar panels

Having a new photovoltaic system installed for your home is not like having any other energy systems. The quality of the system, installation requirements, as well as regulatory standards must be considered. Reliable solar companies in Salt Lake City know this by heart. The growth of the use of solar energy as a power source has made the energy industry diverse yet more prone to aggressive competition. Hence, choosing the right solar company is essential.

Experience and Reputation

Choosing a reputable solar company is enough considering that the industry is still relatively young. Still, look for experience as it may give you an idea of the company’s capabilities. A solar company’s experience and reputation speak of its time in the industry, credentials, and expertise. To last long or be reputable means that the provider has established a good track record of serving many clients, including the types of solar installations made for each client. With such track record comes a certification from a national or continental association such as the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Solar PV Installation Professional Certification.

Licenses and Insurance

These are typical requirements for any business organization. Since a solar company is already certified, one must expect it to be also licensed and insured from local and state jurisdictions. A business license to operate the business is, of course, mandatory. Typical business licenses normally include general contracting, electrical, home improvement, and even home improvement performance licenses. As with licenses, liability insurance is a minimum requirement.


Man with mini solar panels

These protect your investment just like the way product warranties do to consumer products. Workmanship warranties in the industry may range from one to 10 years. Specific to design and construction of solar energy systems, these warranties should not be overlooked. You can buy a contract for operating and maintaining your system, but it is recommendable to purchase from a qualified installer that has a workmanship warranty.

Subcontractor Use and Oversight

Normally, solar providers need subcontractors to do some tasks when installing energy systems. When you choose a provider, ask for policies on how they choose subcontractors. They should provide information on these even if you do not ask. You should also ask if they have effective oversight during subcontracting work. It is prudent to know more about these policies as you will know if quality work is maintained or not. A reputable subcontractor is an ideal subcontractor. It tells if a solar provider is consistent with quality management objectives.

Guidance on Design and Maintenance

Choosing a solar company should not end with experience or quality assurance policies. They must be trustworthy partners that guide you as a customer from installation to the rest of your investment’s life. They do not only effectively work with you on how solar sources help homes and businesses, but they also advise you on how to best maintain and protect your investment and ensure positive returns.

Solar energy systems have indeed made renewable energy sources viable and sustainable options for home and business use. As the market for solar energy expands, it is pertinent to also be picky with quality service. Young as the industry is, it is still primal to check on what a provider can offer, especially when it comes to service and guidance.

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Simple Stunner: 2019 Beauty Trends That You Can Do Everyday

woman waving her pink hair

In contrast to 2018’s excessive and often unconventional beauty trends, the beauty industry is predicted to bring everyone back to the basics with more natural yet striking looks – perfect for your daily makeup. Stay on trend, every day, with these tips for a simplistic yet beautiful look.

Soft and Natural Looks

The over-drawn and bold eyebrow style will remain in 2018 and likely not find its way into 2019. This year, natural and finely groomed eyebrows that were made popular by Audrey Hepburn in the 60’s are making a comeback. Eyebrow pencils and brow gels are among the products that will step up your makeup game this 2019.

This eyebrow trend is efficient yet beautiful. You can easily pull this look off every day and it will only take a minute or two. Simply fill in your eyebrows with light, well-placed strokes, polish them off with some gel for hold and thickness, and you’re good to go. No need to worry about making them perfectly symmetrical as no two brows are exactly the same.

Pinks and Corals

Pink and coral are two of the top colors that stood out on the red carpet during the 76th Golden Globe Awards. The rosy-hued eyeshadow, lip, and cheek palettes used by beauty brands and stylists were evident on celebrities such as Emma Stone who matched her entire look to the color of her gown.

blue eye shadow

You don’t have to attend a Hollywood award show to pull off this look, though. Incorporate your work makeup with this trend by swapping your red lipstick for ones in pink or coral shades. The color of the year will surely give your everyday look a warm vibe. Textures and color-blocking are also said to be big this year. Do an ombre or 3D look on your lips by creating volume using a darker color on the insides of the lip and filling out the bottom and upper lips with a frosted lighter shade for a plump effect.

Graphic Colors and Textures

Bright and colorful eye makeup were among the beauty trends that caught the eye of beauty gurus and makeup experts who attended the Spring/Summer 2019 fashion shows. Green and orange cat-eyes project unique details that complete a trendy look. The graphic eyeliner shapes and colors are a good contrast to the neutral lip and cheek shades.

On social media, especially Instagram, stylists and beauty gurus share their tips and tricks on how to pull this look off easily. Apply this vibrant style to your daily look by using more a more colorful eyeshadow palette to create a smoky eye. Smudge a hint of red or orange eyeshadow to your eyelid creases and carefully spread it upward to create a low-key smoky eye with a twist. You may also use eyeliner in subtle colors such as dark blue or dark green for a graphic cat-eye effect.

These simplistic yet on-trend styles will make your dull everyday makeup routine something to look forward to in the morning. With confidence, the right products, and a little bit of creativity, you don’t have to worry about sporting outdated looks this year. Whether you’re running errands, going out for brunch with friends, or are in the corporate life, you can pull of these trendy looks every day.

Employing Elements of the Persuasion Model to Boost Business Sales


The sales team is the backbone of your company’s operations. This team will ensure that your products and services fly off the shelves and rake decent revenue. Unfortunately, many investors do not empower this crucial part of their company sufficiently. That said, losses become the order of their ventures, and they are eventually forced to close the shop.

To make sure this will not happen to your business, companies such as The Friedman Group suggest that you invest in store manager training for your retail supervisor. They will then impart what they learn to other sales staff. One of the key areas covered in training is the art of persuasion. This technique will enable your staff to make more sales without coming off as desperate or irritating.

Efficient application of various elements of the persuasion model, which helps one get the best approach to employ, is one of the skills taught during the training. Here are those elements and their application strategies in sales:


Understanding a client’s feelings and emotions is the first step in knowing how to negotiate and influence them to buy something. With this understanding, you can customize the sales pitch to tug at a customer’s emotion so that they buy into your company.

Corporations use this persuasion element to advertise the charities and non-profit activities they are a part of. By doing so, they make clients empathetic to invest in their brand and contribute to the charitable cause.


Salesman giving key to custimers

Your sales team needs to understand your brand thoroughly to use the logic element in their persuasion. This element dwells on data and facts to make a case. With a proper understanding of your brand, the sales team can convince clients why they need your product and what they can benefit from its purchase. Customers are now very informed; therefore, using logic to win them over will prove a significant advantage for your company.


This is one of the most popular negotiation elements. When handled incorrectly, however, bargaining can be the primary cause of losses in your organization since customers will get your products at low prices. Effective bargaining requires tact to ensure that a client pays top dollar for your brand without feeling shortchanged.


Though considered the least effective element in the persuasion model, compromise is still an essential tool. In a compromise, your sales staff is taught how to reach an agreement that works for the company even though it might not bring as high returns as initially projected. For instance, they can settle for a small profit now with the promise of more business with a client in the future, rather than a huge profit margin with no chances of repeat business.

The above elements look like those used in everyday life, but their application in sales is very different. That said, training your sales team to handle them is important. During the training, they will realize what works best for their part in the sales process and your product and services. After this, they can continually hone their skills in your company while assuring you of high returns.

How to Make Your Fridge Last for Two Decades

Modern kitchen

Filling your home with the latest home appliances is going to leave a sizeable dent in your wallet. With careful selection, you can pick a durable range of equipment that will serve you for a long time. If you’re paying top dollars for these appliances, it only fair to expect them to help you for a long time.

Modern refrigerators have an average lifespan of about 14 years, but you can push this to about 18 years with the help of fridge repair services in Utah. However, you must remember to handle your unit with great care.

Go Easy on Your Compressor

The compressor is among the most crucial parts of your fridge. It’s both a pump and a motor that helps move the refrigerant through the system. When the temperatures in the fridge rise beyond a set point, the sensor signals the compressor to start operating. That’s what causes the fridge to run in cycles as it ceases the pumping action when the temperatures get to necessary lows.

Overworking the compressor increases the wear and tear, leading it to breakdown prematurely. Replacing a compressor can set you back at least $1,000, which can leave quite a dent in your wallet. Making it easy for the fridge to cool down lessen the compressor’s workload. Luckily, that doesn’t take any special skills. You only need not overfill the unit, leave it empty, or put hot food inside it.

Keep the Temperature Under Control

Hand opening refrigerator

The fancy parts and mechanisms in a fridge are all geared toward one thing: controlling the temperature through air circulation. Therefore, for a refrigerator to function as expected, the air needs to move around freely. Overfilling the unit limits airflow, causing temperatures to rise and forcing the compressor to work harder than necessary. The same case happens when you leave the fridge empty.

The cold food inside the fridge draws some of the heat inside the unit, causing the temperatures to drop. Empty spaces dissipate heat quickly, causing the compressor to work more. Hot food in the fridge raises the temperature, causing the unit to overwork. Preventing massive temperature fluctuations inside your refrigerator keeps it running smoothly without overworking it.

Keep the Unit Clean

A refrigerator is just a metal box that keeps food fresh by tapping into smart science to keep the interior temperature between 0-50 degrees Celsius. Keeping your unit sparkling clean increases its efficiency. The simple act of cleaning the unit with warm, soapy water not only eliminates odors but lowers energy consumption as well.

Food debris on the unit’s gasket, the plastic sealing strip on the door, can break the airtight seal, causing it to consume more energy. Wiping the seal periodically and coating it with a thin film of Vaseline keeps the gasket elastic and creates a better seal. It’s vital that you clean your unit at least twice a year. Dirty refrigerator coils pose a risk to the device as they restrict the airflow, causing it to overheat.

Many people tend to run down their refrigerating units, and it costs them thousands of dollars. Proper maintenance and usage of a refrigerating unit increase its service life, saving you lots of money.

Your Quick Guide to Preparing Your Home Before Installing an Air Conditioner

Worker installing a new air conditioning unitYou may notice that your room is getting uncomfortable, that you sweat easily and feel humid. On top of that, the paint is peeling and you notice the appearance of dark spots on your walls, which are surely black molds. The diagnosis: Your room has humidity problems.

Having excess moisture in the air may invite pests and allergens. The paint may peel, and the moisture may eat away at the wooden components of your home. It is now time to keep this problem at bay.

One reliable solution would be an air conditioner, as the air will be filtered through it. It can also make your room cooler or warmer depending on the season. However, before you buy an air conditioner, you need to know the right specs that suit your room.

You will also need to prep up your room. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind before welcoming your air conditioner. These are approved and recognized by leading providers of air conditioner installation services in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Get the right unit

As mentioned, you need to find the right unit for your room. You just cannot install a unit that does not suit the specifications of your room. A big air conditioner for a small room may seem impractical, as it may make the room cooler and warmer than it should be. If you want to get the best unit, you should talk to experts and explain the lifestyle you have.

Fix the insulation system

Working insulating a houseWhile your air conditioner can make your room much more comfortable, you may want to fix the insulation system as soon as possible. This will help you make the most of your new appliance unit — it doubles the effect or benefit of the air conditioner.

If you have wooden partitions, you can add foam insulation in between. Do not forget to repair your ceilings and add another layer of insulation between them and the roof.

Change the layout of the room

The layout of your room may already be permanent, but you should consider changing some aspects, as the placement of the air conditioner will certainly change a lot of things. What you should do to your room is move the obstructions from the walls, such as paintings, shelves, and cabinets that may possibly block the air conditioner. If you must, you can get rid of the extra items that you do not actually need.

Close the gaps

Rearranging the items in your room may expose your space’s imperfections. Among them are the cracks and holes on your walls. These are certainly big no-nos, as they may affect the performance of your air conditioner. With that, you will have to seal the holes and caulk the cracks. While you are at it, you may want to repaint the entire space.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you want to prepare your room for your new air conditioner. Consult your air conditioner expert to maximize the use of your new unit.