Colours of Braces That Dental Practices May Give to Patients

Colours of Braces That Dental Practices May Give to Patients

Colours of BracesPerhaps one of the most striking characteristics of modern dental braces is the availability of different colours. This is because the younger generations see this procedure as a form of fashion accessory. Although most teens understand the function that braces do for their teeth, some would say that the young patients are more into the braces for the colours.

Common Colours of Braces

As a fashion statement, braces have different colours that may affect one’s appearance. It is important to choose a colour that shows your personality and complement your looks. This means that there are colours that may make your smile even better, and there are some that may not be too pleasant to look at. Knowing the right colour is just as important as your goal to achieve straighter teeth, says Liverpool Smile Studio.

The most common colours of dental braces include: red, blue and green. The classier ones are grey, silver, gold and black. One can enjoy any of these colours to be used on ligature ties to hold the wire in place.

The Origin of Colours

Braces have turned into a fashion statement for some people. Simple colours are given by the elastics that are surrounding the metal parts of the brace that push the teeth to the right positions. Of course, for those that would choose to have their braces remain inconspicuous, so ceramic braces can be chosen to camouflage to the natural colour of teeth. Invisible braces are made of plastic, so that the teeth themselves can be seen through.

With all these different colours and options for braces, there are more patients that can be proud that they are doing a conscious effort in correcting crookedness, gaps and bites of their teeth. This is why dental braces are now easier to get without the stigma of being called metal mouth, because one look at it and other people will realise that braces, on its own, may look good.