Upgrade your smile with same-day teeth and enjoy a range of benefits

Upgrade your smile with same-day teeth and enjoy a range of benefits

Are you looking to find a dental solution to restore the gap in your smile? Do you hope to find a suitable alternative to dentures? Dental implants Melbourne may be a suitable treatment plan and can offer a range of benefits in addition to the main objective of replacing missing teeth.

What can artificial teeth be used for, and are they suitable for all patients?

A simple consultation is required with a local dental practitioner as patients will need to have their teeth and gums assessed to determine whether or not a tooth implant will be suitable. Depending on the state of the patient’s gums and teeth, dental implants may be a viable dental solution to consider.

Artificial teeth can replace any visible gaps in a patient’s smile as well as act as an alternative to dentures. In addition, dental implant surgery can stimulate the jaw bone to regrow when there has been damage or injury.

Consult your local implant dentist for an assessment

If you find yourself considering the possibility of having same-day teeth, take the first step and arrange a consultation with your local dental practitioner or implant dentist.

There is the option to replace a single tooth or have multiple teeth implants depending on a patient’s circumstances and smile goals.

A dental practitioner can make an informed decision taking into account your needs, medical history and any x-rays they may have on file. Further testing may be required in order to make an accurate assessment.

How durable are artificial teeth, and do they last?

Tooth implants are crafted from either porcelain or resin and are known to be long-lasting. The implant itself consists of three components: an implanted titanium screw, a metal rod and a crown or denture. The crown or denture is the part of the dental implant that is visible after it has been implanted into the patient’s mouth.

With the right care and dental hygiene routine, dental implants can last for several years, making them a worthwhile investment.

Enjoy a range of benefits when opting for dental implants

There are several benefits that patients can enjoy when opting to have same-day teeth. One of the main advantages is that it can re-establish functionality; actions such as biting or chewing can be restored. Implants have also been known to improve digestion, which in turn can improve the patient’s general health. Thanks to the titanium screw, implants can be securely fitted into the patient’s mouth and anchored into place, withstanding a range of movements.

Other advantages of opting for a tooth implant include the ability to smile with confidence and enhanced communication skills. Some patients may experience difficulty when trying to pronounce certain words or phrases due to having missing teeth. Your teeth and tongue typically work closely together to form certain sounds, and missing teeth have been known to significantly impact this ability.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.