Journey to straighter teeth

Journey to straighter teeth

For many people in our modern society, the aesthetic of their smiles is particularly important. Some of these people have probably experienced some embarrassment or self-consciousness related to dental discolouration and staining. For others, a more pressing issue could be having noticeably large gaps between their teeth or an overcrowded arch. Where in the past dental treatments were predominantly perceived to be purely for necessity, this attitude seems to be adapting in line with modernisations in our societies.

One thing that is popular among patients is having the ability to undergo treatment without those around them finding it particularly noticeable; this makes Invisalign clear aligners a popular treatment option worldwide. This is unsurprisingly so, with 14 million smiles worldwide attributed to Invisalign clear aligners.

What is Invisalign?

Someone wearing invisalign

Invisalign’s invisible braces are manufactured out of SmartTrack material; this is both flexible and clear, and the aligners made from it are known for being easy to wear and remove. They can be laser cut to fit your gum line accurately, reducing the likelihood of rubbing, and their snug fit helps them to stay in place.

The Invisalign treatment system involves wearing several of these clear aligners, all slightly different from each other. Over time and through the transitions from one aligner to the next, your teeth will gradually move from their initial positions into better alignment (when the aligners are worn correctly and under the direction of a qualified dentist in Wagga Wagga).

What does an Invisalign treatment plan look like?

Generally speaking, a patient can expect to begin with a discussion and examination with their dentist Wagga. X-rays, photos, impressions and digital scans can be utilised to create your tailor-made treatment plan. When your custom-made aligners arrive, you will likely be invited to return to the clinic to check the fit of your first aligner. Periodically, you may have to return to the clinic to collect the next set of aligners and for your dentist Wagga Wagga to check on your progress with the treatment.

You will be instructed as to how frequently to change your aligner to the next one in the series; this can vary from patient to patient. It is recommended that you wear your aligner for 22 hours a day. Treatment typically can take between 6 and 24 months. When you have completed your treatment plan, it is important to continue wearing a retainer if you wish for your teeth to retain their new positions.

What are the benefits of using clear aligners?

woman holding invisible braces and traditional braces

Invisalign aligners are known for being discreet due to their near invisibility. They can be worn to address several problems, including gaps, overcrowding, crossbites and overbites. Because the aligners are removable, there is no requirement for you to make any changes to your diet or oral hygiene practices.

For further information about Invisalign aligners, please get in touch with your dentist in Wagga.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.