Dentists: The Good, the Bad, and the Guidelines

Dentists: The Good, the Bad, and the Guidelines

Dentist in OperationThere is no dearth of dentists in Perth today, which makes finding a dentist an easy task. The same may not be true for good dentists, however, so if you need one, the task can become a herculean effort at times. You should know how to sift the good ones from the bad.

Here are a few tips to help you find good Perth dentists that you deserve:

  1. First Impressions

First impression lasts, and the first impression you have of any medical practitioner is generally the best one. Among other things, this is important and a huge factor even as you contact the dentists’ office. Ask yourself a few questions, like:

  • Is the staff at the dentists’ office communicative over the phone, or unnecessarily curt?
  • What do you feel about their office – is it welcoming and well maintained?
  • Do they make you wait for unduly long periods?
  1. Cleanliness

Cleanliness in the dentists’ office, the equipment used and hygiene practices are all good indications of how good the dentist is. A littered office is usually the sign of a deeper problem; for example, the equipment may be outdated or not sterilized, or the staff does not perform proper hygienic procedures. In this case, find another dentist.

  1. Money Matters

Good dentists are those who care more for their patient’s oral health than for the money they make. Like in the above, ask some questions:

  • Does your dentist prescribe unnecessary medications and treatments?
  • Do they sell you extra products off their desk?
  • Do they demand payment in full even before the treatment begins?

Good dentists will never sell you anything, aside from prescribing the treatment that works for you. Their profession is in service, nothing more.

Above all, good dentists work with self-assured expertise, and recognize that the treatments may sometimes frighten the patients. They will attend to your doubts, and ease pain whenever it appears. Great dentists are prompt with post-treatment check-ups, as they are with the treatment itself.

Consider this guide as a dentist checklist, so you can guide yourself on a dentist that could become a mainstay in your life and in the future.


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