Some Interesting and Inexpensive DIY Home Renovations Ideas

Some Interesting and Inexpensive DIY Home Renovations Ideas

interior designHome renovations are certainly not a cheap task. There are minor renovations, however, whose inexpensive steps and simplicity belie its impact on the aesthetics of a home. For these renovations, you can either hire a professional renovator, or go the DIY route.
Here are a few interesting DIY home renovation ideas, which work well in Perth:

1. Paint, Paint, Paint

Bust the brushes and the spray cans out and paint whatever surface you find has become dull and boring. It could be something as small as the doorknobs in your house, or even entire rooms; just paint them if you see the paint peeling away or looks too dirty. Nothing works as well as painting the house afresh as this makes the area look bright and welcoming.

2. Replace the Fixtures and the Faucets

Another great way to upgrade your home is to replace the fixtures and faucets. A modern light fixture and a new faucet can add a contemporary touch to the rooms, the kitchen and the bathroom. Just make sure that the fixtures do not need special wiring and the faucets fit easily into the existing holes.

3. Add Some Track Lighting

Something as simple as lighting can make all the difference between good and great ambience in a home. Consider adding track lighting along the ceiling to make the rooms in your home seem cosier. These you can install yourself, as opposed to the recessed fixtures.

4. Other Small Ideas

You could also think of insulating the attic, which is great during either summer or winter, depending on the type of insulation you would put in. Alternatively, replace the tiles in the bathroom, and invest in new furniture. Just remember to choose designs that would complement the new style that you aim for.

You can do most of these improvements by yourself, though it would be better (and far faster) to hire a renovations expert to handle these. They would both procure and install them for you, trimming both expense and effort.


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