3 Easy Design Ideas to Update the Look of Your Room

3 Easy Design Ideas to Update the Look of Your Room

A modern living room interior designTurn a bare room into an interesting work of architecture with these three design tricks that work behind the scenes but create an elegant and polished look in the overall appearance of the room.

Baseboard trim and crown molding

Bare walls are boring to look at but are also a blank canvas to work on. Miskas Wood Products and other wood molding manufacturers suggest installing crown moldings and baseboard trims to give your room an instant lift. These wood trims provide architectural details that can immediately make the space look elegant and stylish. You will see a huge difference and how they can turn a blank, basic wall into an architectural work of art.

Fresh coat of paint

Give your walls a fresh coat of paint and use the same shade for your moldings and baseboards to create a seamless, clean, and unified look. Using neutral and light shades lend a classic, sophisticated look to a room and goes well with any interior design style.

Ceiling light

Keep the ceiling in mind. Installing lighting completes the design style you’re going for and ties the whole look together. If possible, install pin lights that will serve as additional lighting and to illuminate the corners of the room. Using different types of lighting is the best way to brighten up the room and bring it to life. Using soft and warm lighting also creates a room atmosphere that is inviting and relaxing.

Create a sophisticated look for any room in your home with these three design tricks that are easy to do and won’t break the bank. These simple design tricks are quick, easy, and provide an absolute makeover to the space with very little work but with great results. Designing a room with built-in architectural details is easier to work with and produces a look that put together and visually attractive.