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Designing a Coworking Space

modern design of office work spaceIn Australia, coworking space is a booming industry. According to the Australian Coworking Market Report for 2017 to 2018, there were 26 per cent more coworking locations in the country than in 2017.

Renting coworking spaces offers advantages to individuals and small businesses. Coworking gives start-ups a faster and simpler way to rent an office at a reduced cost. Instead of having an office fit out, start-ups can simply rent a space that’s already furnished. Freelancers also benefit from coworking as they can work anywhere at any time.

A well-designed coworking space helps boost productivity and motivation. When designing your coworking space, consider the following factors:


The layout of each coworking space will depend on your clients, their work style and their privacy needs. Individual freelancers can choose to work in shared areas or book a private area, while start-ups and teams that meet frequently will often opt for an open workstation.

With a variety of clientele that comes and goes, the safest option is to offer various office workstations for your coworking space. Add a communal area where clients can mingle and brainstorm. Offer private desks and shared spaces to cater to different kinds of freelancers. Private offices and meeting rooms will also help your clients facilitate meetings and negotiations.

Interior Design

Coworking spaces are where people from various fields come together and work at their best. The coworking space needs to be lively to inspire professionals to come up with creative ideas. A well-designed office also helps clients increase their productivity.

The key to inspiring innovation is by making workers feel like they’re not in a traditional office setting. Add personality to the space by installing artwork, inspirational quotes and playful accessories on the walls. Plant life also adds to the aesthetic of the office in addition to reducing stress.

creatives team collaborating on a design

Office Necessities and Services

Coworking spaces are not just places for professionals to lease out for work. They must also encourage clients to work there because they are convenient. Providing office services like printing, photocopying and scanning help minimise your clients’ administrative costs.  Other services you can offer are reception facilities and an on-site IT team.

Internet connection is a vital part of what a coworking space offers, as most of a coworker’s tasks are dependent on connectivity. Subscribe to a reliable broadband Internet plan and offer a hardwired connection option for clients with jobs that require heavy Internet usage. Also, add outlets on tables and other places where people can conveniently charge their devices.

Other Amenities

Adding amenities to your coworking space helps improve productivity, promote community and bring an element of fun. Basic amenities include coffee and snacks stations. You can also add game rooms and wellness rooms that promote workers’ wellness. Some coworking locations offer shower services where workers can freshen up before heading to a meeting.

Coworking spaces create an environment for freelancers and start-ups to build thriving careers. With the abovementioned factors in mind, you can create a shared space that professionals will be inspired to work in.

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Palliative Care

Palliative care

Palliative care enhances the quality of life for patients, irrespective of their age as well as their family members who are suffering from issues related to life-threatening illness. Palliative care relieves and prevents suffering through early diagnosis and pain treatment. It has become an integral part of people-oriented health services that relieve suffering caused by extreme birth prematurity, organ failure, or the frailty of old age.

Palliative care is offered by a team of specially trained doctors, specialists, and nurses. They offer extra support to patients. However, palliative care is still an approach that is not well-understood by people. As such, you can go through these frequently asked questions to understand the strategy better than before.

How do I know that palliative care is right for me?

Palliative care is the appropriate approach if you have a severe condition. Serious medical conditions include kidney disease, cancer, lung disease, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, among others. What most people do not know is that unlike hospice care, palliative care is appropriate at any stage of a severe medical condition.

Where can I receive palliative care?

caring for the elderly

Necessary palliative care services in Indiana can be offered in hospitals, homes of patients, assisted living facilities, outpatient palliative care facilities, and other places such as cancer clinics. Therefore, palliative care does not have to be provided only in a hospital. You or your family members will only be required to choose the approach and have it personalized to suit your needs and illness.

Who provides palliative care?

Palliative care is provided by the care team of a patient together with the help of a palliative care team. A palliative care team is made up of nurse practitioners, a pharmacist, a physician, social workers, and a practice coordinator. The care team focuses on aligning the values and goals of a patient and the family with the medical care with the objective of enhancing the quality of life. The palliative care team, on the other hand, collaborates with the primary care and physician of the patient to design a coordinated program.

What does a palliative care team do?

Palliative care is offered by specialists to provide extra support to patients to improve the quality of life even when they have a severe medical illness. A palliative care team assists to clarify the treatment objectives and options for a patient, relieve distress and symptoms, and understand the patient’s disease and diagnosis better than before. The care program also coordinates with the patient’s doctor and helps the patient to make medical decisions.

What is the difference between palliative care and hospice?

Hospice care is offered to patients who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses and have about six months to live. Palliative care, however, offers patients care that is geared toward reversing or curing the effects of a medical condition. Hospice patients can stop any forms of treatment and focus on living a comfortable life, unlike palliative care where patients still maintain their treatment.

You should choose palliative care for your loved one to relieve stress and symptoms of illness. These questions will enlighten you on palliative care. The care program can be customized to the needs of the patient and family.

Reasons for Students to Consult a College Advisor

two college studentsAdmission to colleges and universities in recent years has become increasingly competitive and complex. Guidance from an experienced college admissions advisor who understands the process can help determine what is best for an incoming first-year student. Though students can complete the process by themselves, having the assistance of a college admission counselor makes the process easier and makes admission to the college of your choice highly possible.

They can be a student’s cheerleader, coach, and strategy consultant all rolled into one. High school students need a college consultant to advise them on the following matters.

Choosing the Right School

Students can make a list of universities where they want to receive admission. The advisor will help a student gather the essential papers, and written essays to secure admission. The consultant will help prepare you to get into the school you desire.

Finding and Comparing Schools

You can enroll in any of the hundreds of colleges out there, but the right college for your career goals and personality might not even be in the state where you live. Your college advisor will help you search for a school and narrow your list of colleges based on your career goals, academic records and interests.

Managing Your College Stress Levels

Applying to college can be stressful, and recent research has revealed that most college applicants gauge the experience as highly stressful. However, working with an expert in the college application process can make a difference. College advisors are always available whenever an applicant needs some encouragement or has some questions.

Rising to the Top

group study

A stellar application to a college or university in a competitive pool is about more than ACT/SAT scores. A professional college advisor will help an applicant polish their application through letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, and essays. Your counselor can spot an overdone essay topic, help you present your documents to admission committees, and utilize supplementary materials to the fullest potential.

Crafting a College Wish List

You need to talk with a college counselor about your goals and dreams to determine what you want out of college. Of course, you need to know the types of programs that your college offers before enrollment. Your dream could be to join a college with a politically active body to nurture your leadership skills. Discussions with a college advisor about aspects such as financial aid, campus culture, and academics can guide your college search journey. A professional college counselor will help any student search, apply, and get accepted to their dream school.

You might need to work with a professional college counselor to understand what colleges expect from you. Applying to college is now different from what it used to be a few decades ago. The percentage and population of high school graduates who go to colleges have increased significantly over time. Conversely, colleges are subjecting students who would want to join them in aggressive marketing campaigns to attract the most qualified and talented applicants.

By working with a college admissions consultant, they can help you navigate the best path to your success.

5 Plumbing Habits That Do More Harm Than Good

Plumber fixing the sink

While no one wants to end up with a ruined or broken plumbing system, some of your well-intentioned habits can do more harm than good. If you try to fix a blockage or any other plumbing issue without the right tool or expertise, for instance, there is always the risk of contributing to more clogs or aggravating the problem.

If you have been once successful in handling a minor plumbing issue, it is not always safe to assume that you can tackle any other problem that might come in your way. You should also know that there a few other seemingly helpful habits can actually hurt your plumbing and contribute to expensive repairs in the future. Here are some of them:

Pouring chemicals to unclog the drain

While there may be a number of chemical-based cleaners that deliver to their promise of unclogging your drain, using those products can also damage your pipes. The chemical agents, especially toxic and corrosive ones, can dissolve not just the blockage, but also everything around it like the inner walls of the pipes. Stick with eco-friendly drain cleaners or call a pro for extensive blockages.

Treating your garbage disposal like a trash can

Plumber smiling

The main purpose of the garbage disposal is to shred waste into tiny pieces so they won’t block the pipes. While it may seem like almost anything can go inside it, it cannot handle everything. Plumbing companies and 24-hour plumbers in Lehi note that it is never advisable to pour grease into it and put fibrous foods like celery, artichokes, and onion skins. Other things that don’t belong in there include:

  • Rice and pasta
  • Bone, seafood shells, and fruit pits
  • Potato peelings
  • Medications
  • Eggshells and coffee grounds
  • Any non-food item (glass, paper, metal, sticker labels)
  • Anything that is hard or difficult to chew

Using drop-in toilet fresheners

These products may make your toilet and bathroom smelling fresh, but you should also know that many of these tablets contain chemicals that can damage the parts of the tank. Moreover, when the tablet disintegrates, there is a risk that it may get stuck in the flush valve, which will then cause toilet problems. It’s better to go for eco-friendly ways when cleaning your toilet and bathroom.

Using your toilet as a garbage can

There are only four things that are okay to send down the toilet: pee, poop, puke, and toilet paper. Any item other than those things can cause problems later on. This is true even for products labeled as flushable like wipes. Flushing them down the toilet can cause blockages and other plumbing issues. The same is also true for small insignificant items like floss, hair, tampons, and nail clippings.

Forgetting to replace water hoses

The rubber hoses on dishwashers and washing machines don’t give any clue before they burst. This is why experts recommend replacing them every five years. It is also advisable to check them for leaks and damage at least once a year. A reinforced steel-braided hose is a good choice for replacement as they are less likely to fail than rubber ones.

Take note of these habits to stop damaging your plumbing. Be sure to contact a plumber if you encounter any problem that is beyond what you can handle.

Harness the Benefits of Solar Panels

Solar panels on a tiled roofImagine how boring life would be if there were no electricity in your home. Installing solar panels gives you greater control over the supply as well as the cost of power in the house.

A life without a constant supply of electricity is at best unfathomable. Can you imagine doing without a hot shower or turning on the light at the flick of a switch? Or making a delicious cup of coffee under five minutes? Probably not. Electricity is an essential part of your everyday life.

Due to many factors, the price of this essential commodity keeps spiraling out of control and eating into your budget. Fortunately, you don’t have to endure these runaway costs every month. With the help of reliable distributors of solar panels, you can lower your monthly bills.

Free Money from the Government

Solar panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity, which lowers your dependence on the supply from the power company. Depending on the size of the panels, you can meet all your energy needs in the home. Thanks to emerging technology, you can even store the energy for a rainy day.

What’s more, you can even sell the excess energy to the power company, which will be only too happy to pay for it. Now, that’s an exciting turn of events – the power company sending you a check instead of the other way around. But that’s not all. The government is keen to see more people harvest sunrays for power generation.

Federal tax credit lets you claim up to 30 percent of your solar panel costs if you have it installed by the end of 2019. If you wait until 2020, you can claim up to 26 percent. If you connect in 2021, the tax credit drops to 22 percent.

A residential 5kW solar system will set you back $3-$5 per watt, which works out to between $15,000 and $25,000. Saving up to 30 percent of these costs works out to a significant sum. That is in addition to the amount you save on monthly power bills.

Generate Energy from Anywhere

House with solar panels on the roofWhether you live in the urban or rural areas, you can harness the sun’s energy and power your home. Best of all, you don’t need an exclusive license or to pay any fee. Once you’ve bought and installed your panels, you are free and clear. Just be sure to have an expert carry out the installation. The key to an enjoyable experience hinges on getting it right from the get-go.

Once the panels are in place, you can even forget they exist as they are virtually maintenance free. Like the roof they are fixed on, solar panels are built to handle anything that Mother Nature throws at them. On average, you can enjoy up to 25 years of reliable power, making them ideal for people living in a remote location.

Protect the Environment

Solar panels top the list of environmentally friendly forms of power generation as they have a minimal carbon footprint. They produce no greenhouse gases nor do they contaminate your rivers, unlike the methods that burn fossils like coal and natural gas. If you’re keen to secure your electricity supply and conserve the environment, then solar energy production is the way to go.

Solar panel installation ensures that you have a constant supply of clean energy in the home while preserving the environment. As a natural resource, you can be assured that it’ll never run out.

Deal with Termites with Measures Recommended by Extermination Experts

exterminator clearning wooden stairs from termitesYou may recall that last night, you noticed winged insects emerging in the yard while the family was seated on the sofa and watching television. The insects flocked to a light source, and you didn’t think much of it. This morning, you saw flimsy wings and a few dead bodies of insects on the patio. If you keep ignoring these signs you’re in for a lot of trouble later on. You are already looking at signs of a termite infestation. It is time to call for drywood termite control experts.

Advanced Infestation and Its Consequences

If some parts of the house are made of wood, you can try to see if there are tunnels being dug under the surface. When the work of termites is done or ongoing, the wood sounds hollow upon tapping. Advanced infestation changes the surface of the wood. You might not see the insects themselves, but the infested wood will have a blistered appearance. As much as $5 billion worth of damages annually is attributed to their wood-eating habits.

Drywood termites favor attic framing, wooden rafters, picture frames, and pieces of furniture. You may also find them in door frames, window frames, sidings, and wooden trims. An average colony may consist of 2,500 individual insects. The immature insects do all the work, and you’d see them swarm in full force when it is warm. They are different from the subterranean termites in some ways, but both species chew through wood and cellulose products and leave a wave of destruction in their wake.

Preventing Termite Access

The best way to avoid the hassles and expenses of termite intervention is to prevent them from gaining access to your property. Scrap wood and firewood attract these insects. As such, you must check the perimeter of the house and ensure that there’s nowhere for the termites to hide. They will establish their colony as soon as the conditions are ideal. They can pass through small holes and gain access to your home without your knowledge.

professional exterminator

Measures and Methods

Vents are access points, but if there is a 20-grade screen mesh over them the insects will be discouraged to enter. Nail holes and cracks may allow the insects access so seal them off completely. However, it is not enough to cover the vents with mesh and the holes with sealant. Look for a product that is borate-based as well. In a termite-prone zone, you’ll have to consider treating the wood with sodium borate, which is toxic to the insects. When you hire a professional exterminator, they might consider injecting the wood to get rid of termites or spray them with termiticide consisting of mineral salts. Oftentimes, the best intervention is the removal of infested material, but the effectiveness of this measure depends on the extent of the problem.

Before you take the matter in your own hands, consider asking for expert opinion. Licensed pest control companies can offer more than one measure for termite control and prevention. You can make an informed decision that can lead to better results if you discuss possible interventions with them.

4 Key Features You Should Upgrade to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal and Security

Home curb appeal of a luxury homeWhen it comes to home improvement projects, many people focus more on the overall design of their property. They usually overlook the importance of home security. While this can be sometimes unavoidable, several renovations can improve curb appeal and home security at the same time. Consider the following tips below:

1. Landscape

A well-designed landscape can boost your exterior’s visual appeal and enhance security at the same time. This is one of the favorite home improvement projects of many residents. The simplest and most effective way to upgrade your landscape is re-edging the garden plots. You can also explore container gardening. This technique is becoming a trend, and will help you maximize the space of your landscape area.

Also, you should also remove any obstruction within your property. If there are trees in your yard, check out if there are weak or unhealthy branches. Watch out for shrubs growing through the power lines. These potential hazards can cause serious damage to your valuables. For your safety, hire a professional tree removal service in Salt Lake City.

2. Garage

To some, updating the garage is not really on top of the list, but doing this can give your home a new look. This is also necessary if you have cars. Inspect the garage door, and make sure the mechanism is working accordingly. Consider replacing it with a new locking system if necessary. Upgrading to a smart device can also be a good investment. There are now new models that feature keyless deadbolt, which adds another layer of security to your home.

3. Lights

Outdoor led light on a solar panelA good lighting system can not only highlight the best features of your home, it also improves visibility within your property. The key here is to find the most strategic areas to install your lighting fixtures. Go for soft, overhead exterior lighting to eliminate dark areas. This is actually better than overly bright lights as it illuminates undesirable pockets of deep shadow.

For more efficiency, consider switching to LED lights. They are more durable compared to incandescent and easier to install due to low-voltage wiring. Branded LED lights can last up to 40,000 hours, which is equivalent to about 17 to 18 years of nighttime service. Just make sure to check the brand. A reputable manufacturer should offer at least 15 years of warranty.

4. Door and Windows

Upgrading your doors and windows is another way to improve your home’s overall look and security. These features can make your home look more inviting. It also gives people the right impression of your property. Choose the best materials that can complement your home theme. For example, you can go for window panned barn doors if you’re aiming for more vintage look. Glass doors and windows are your best option for Victorian or contemporary style.

Just like the garage door, you should invest in a home security lock system for both doors and windows. Inspect the mechanism, and make sure the hardware is functioning accordingly.

There are many other ways you can do to improve your home’s curb appeal and security. For better results, get your property inspected by a professional. Consider consulting an interior designer, as well for more recommendations.

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Suburban home covered with snowConnecticut is known for its long winters that can make even the warmest-hearted ones gloomy and wishing for spring. You don’t want winter to come upon you and suddenly realize that your home isn’t prepared for it. Getting service in winter is especially hard because the demand spikes up. It’s best to be ready, and here are four crucial ways to prepare your home for winter in Connecticut:

Have your fireplace checked

Your best friend in winter is your fireplace, and it’s best to have it checked and maintained now and then.

A good chimney sweep company will be able to tell you if the fireplace is safe to use and if it has any maintenance problems that need to be resolved before you can use it. The chimney sweep company, more often than not, is also a brick contractor in Connecticut, so ask it how much it would take to repair or upgrade your fireplace. You should also stock up on lots of firewood. Ask for suggestions on good sources of hardwood, like elm, oak, maple, or beech.

Check your heating system

Another winter-fighting tool in your arsenal is your heating system, and you have to make sure that it’s working at its peak performance. First, check its filters and see if they need replacing. If you hold them up and you can’t see anything through them, it’s time to replace them.

You should also call a heating system maintenance company to check on your unit for signs of damage. Better to be proactive about it than have it break down in the middle of a winter night.

See how you can cut down on heating costs

Lower electricity billHeating costs naturally spike up in winter as more energy is used. If you want to cut it down somehow, there are some things you can do.

First, you can install a programmable thermostat which allows you to program the times when your home is empty and when people are coming back home. This way, it uses lower energy when no one’s at home and spikes it up as people are coming home.

Second, you can shift to energy-efficient appliances like heating systems. In its efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, the U.S. government created a set of guidelines for energy-efficient appliances. Those that pass these guidelines are awarded the Energy Star accolade. You can start switching to Energy Star appliances to reduce your heating costs.

Seal up leaks

Lastly, it’s crucial to inspect your home for leaks. Make sure to seal up drafts that might be around your doors or windows. You can seal drafts in your windows with an inexpensive plastic insulation film or a temporary caulk. You can also use draft blockers that you can put at the base of doors and windows.

You should also check for drafts around pipes, plumbing, attic, lights, utility penetrations, and other possible places where heat may escape.

Preparing your home for winter in Connecticut doesn’t have to be time-consuming and expensive. Even the simplest precautions like sealing up drafts can make a huge impact. Taking the necessary preparations can save from you a lot of trouble down the wintery road.

3 Things You Can’t Forget to Say in Your Marriage Proposal Speech

marriage proposal

What’s more nerve-racking than getting down on one knee and asking, “Will you marry me?” Well, the speech before the will-you-marry-me part. It’s the buildup to that big, romantic question that always gets men all antsy—and for good reason. Whatever you say before you pop the question can make or break your actual proposal. That’s why you really have to work on your speech, rehearse if necessary, and make sure that you don’t choke on words. Here are the things you can’t afford to forget to say in your proposal speech:

When you realized your partner is the one

Take a trip down memory lane and try to highlight one significant moment in your relationship when you realized that you would want to spend the rest of your life with your partner. The more specific, the better. It will communicate to your significant other that indeed, that moment made an impact on you. Thus, populate your story with details as much as you can. It doesn’t matter if it seems uneventful. Reminisce about that time they brought you breakfast when you were sick or that moment you saw them slumped on your couch, fast asleep after a long day at the office. There’s something heartwarming in these trivial moments; you discovered they’re perfect for you. Tell that story.

What you love about your partner

marriage speech

You want your significant other to feel extra loved and special on this relationship milestone. Hence, affirm them. Again, be specific as much as you can. Share instances in your relationship when you knew for sure that they were indeed kind, loving, patient, generous, adventurous, and all the things you think they are. Your significant other will appreciate it so much that all along, you have been paying attention to these little deeds. Keep these things you love about your partner while shopping for the ring as well. There are certain colors and stones that symbolize specific meanings. For instance, garnets symbolize unity of passion and serenity. Emeralds represent beauty and love. Sapphires mean loyalty. If you visit a store in Utah, an expert jeweler can guide you through your choices.

How you see yourself in the future

Talk about your goals and dreams. Let them know that you envision a future with them. If you’ve discussed before—hopefully you did—building a home and having kids, bring that up. This time, show them that you’re serious about committing to these dreams and making them a reality. This will be your perfect lead-in to the four important words of closing your proposal. You can say, “I want to do these things, hopefully with you by my side. Will you marry me?” Get down on your knee, reach for your pocket, and pop the ring.

Again, remember that your speech is an important element in your entire proposal stint. The buildup is just as crucial as the climax. While going spontaneous works for many, most men just go tongue-tied when they’re already facing the love of their life and envisioning themselves asking the big, romantic question. Prepare well then. Go practice if necessary. Don’t forget to say these three important things. Best of luck!

How to Teach Your Teen to Manage Time Efficiently

Kids walking to class

Teenagers typically follow relatively structured schedules because their school and after-school activities are already mapped out for them. Due to this, however, plenty of teens these days don’t develop time management skills. Below are some tips to help you teach your teen how to manage and spend his time more wisely:

Give your teen the necessary tools to help them manage their time properly

This could be a daily planner or even an app where they can list their tasks for the day. Discuss with them how making schedules and listing down things can help them manage their time better.

Model proper time management skills

If your teen sees that miss your deadlines or are constantly rushing and running late, chances are that your teen would follow suit. Get your act together — if you haven’t yet — and show your teen that you can do what needs to be done on time, at least most of the time.

Teach your teen how to prioritize

A birthday party, project deadline, and swim meet might all fall in one day. Regardless if they’re going to a private or public charter school in Salt Lake City or anywhere in the country for that matter, there will come a time that they’ll experience scheduling conflicts. Teach them to prioritize their activities according to their commitments and values.

Advise your teen to list down their scheduled tasks

This way, they’ll know how to efficiently plan their daily activities, such as homework, house chores, and other tasks. Tell them to also schedule some fun time or relaxation time daily, so they can still feel productive even when they’re just reading a book or surfing the Internet.

Resist the urge to nag your teen

It could be tempting to remind your teen repeatedly to do their chores or homework, but this actually shifts the time management responsibility back to you. Instead, hold your teen accountable — set clear rules regarding your expectations and consequences if they don’t follow through.

Teach your teen to build their own daily routine

Teen studying in a library

For example, they should do their homework upon arriving from school, relax for 30 minutes to an hour, then tend to their chores. Once your teen gets used to their daily routine, they won’t waste even a minute of their time just thinking of what they should do next.

Establish clear limits on screen time

If they aren’t mindful of their time, they can easily waste a ton of time playing video games or looking at social media so you need to set clear boundaries that will ultimately help them develop healthy habits for using their mobile phone and other devices.

Teach them how to set goals

Ask if they have specific goals that they want to realize — swimming faster, going to the gym thrice a week, etc. — and then help them figure out how much time they’ll need each day in order to achieve their goals.

Indeed, developing time management skills will take a lot of time, patience, and commitment from you and your teen. In time however, all your efforts will be worth it.