Building Ideas: Eco-friendly Add-ons to Your Perth Granny Flat

Building Ideas: Eco-friendly Add-ons to Your Perth Granny Flat

Interior DesignGreat things come from putting up your own granny flat on your property. It can serve as temporary housing for any of your friends or relatives who are visiting. You can even convert it into a small office or a rental unit for added income. Nonetheless, it is important to make your granny flat eco-friendly.

Here are a few suggestions that you might want to include to your new blueprints:

Energy-saving Add-ons

Install solar panels for your granny flats. Not only can the solar panels light up the flat itself at time, it can also add to your home’s power supply. The eaves can be extend and serve as shade to windows when you want to keep the heat in during winter. Make your windows large enough to light up the granny flat and its rooms during the day, so you do not need to use all the light fixtures in the space.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Use recyclable wood boards for your flooring and ceiling. Builders of Perth granny flats may even recommend these recyclable materials for insulation, as they are readily available and affordable. Another great addition for recycling is a composting area and a garden. No matter how small a space you reserve for it, the added vegetables, herbs, flowers and fertilizer that you can get from your garden can be worth it.

Green Furnishings and Fixtures

Buy wooden, second hand furnishings from thrift shops and depots. Get water-conserving showerheads and taps for your fixtures. Use LED lights instead of the typical florescent lighting. When you buy appliances, check their energy star grade.

Living green is not just a fad; many cities are requiring homeowners to turn to eco-friendly products for their home. By designing your granny flat with green materials, you are giving your home that environmental incentive and making it an even more comfortable place to live in.