In With the New, Out with the Old SEO Ways

In With the New, Out with the Old SEO Ways

SEOGoogle has launched so many updates in their algorithms that it has caused a panic among the search engine optimisation industry, thinking that SEO is dead. But it isn’t. You can still use SEO to promote your business online, but make sure to adapt your site to the latest changes.

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Be Smartphone-friendly

More and more people are using their smartphones for online research. In fact, there are more mobile users now than desktop computer users, hence the importance of making this change to your website.

Another reason to follow this trend, which has been building since 2013, is that Google also evaluates how mobile-friendly websites are in ranking before ranking them. Mobile searches are also expected to increase in 2015 and beyond.

Start Website Optimisation for Other Search Engines

Google is the undisputed search engine leader, although Yahoo and Bing are also gaining more web users these days. Since Yahoo and Bing’s market shares are increasing, it’s best to start optimising your website for these search engines now. Growth of even more search engines is likely credited to web users who do not want to deal with annoying ads and have their personal details sold to third party bidders.

Earn Organic Links

It’s so much easier to give in to the temptation of getting links through link swapping or building them from unrelated or low-quality websites. However, Google devalues these links as they consider the contextual factors first before qualifying links. They also value brand name mentions, often earned from producing good products or services; writing useful, informative content; and building genuine relationships. Aim for organic links from authoritative sites relevant to your content.

Build a Strong Social Media Following

Ask your SEO Perth agency to help you get more followers in social media. Social media signals are becoming more valuable in bringing in sales and referral traffic, as well as earning backlinks and increasing brand awareness. Establish a social media account that will not only post content about your business, but also serve as your medium to interact with your customers or followers.

These are only a few of the things that you can do to update your SEO strategy to fit the latest trends. Implementing these changes may help you grow your business and your market.