Surviving the Mobilegeddon: 4 Pointers about Mobile Content Brand Owners Should Know

Surviving the Mobilegeddon: 4 Pointers about Mobile Content Brand Owners Should Know

mobileMuch is said about the possible impact of Google’s mobile-friendly update. Dubbed as the Mobilegeddon, it brought fear and uncertainty to many brand owners across the US on how it could affect their search rankings. Now that the update is running, it is time to focus on making the most of the recent changes.

Content quality is still a huge factor in search rankings, according to SEO experts in Denver. Even after Google changed the algorithm for mobile search, great content can still buoy a brand’s rankings even if the site is not optimized for mobile yet.

To streamline your site to make the mobile browsing experience much more pleasant, here are some pointers about content you should note.

Keep it short and precise

Large blocks of text on an ordinary website can deter users from reading further. Imagine the impact they could make when users view them on a mobile device. Keep your paragraphs short or break up the content using list or bullets. Most importantly, get straight the point and make your pointes easily understandable.

Mind the layout

Put important pieces of information first. Follow the inverted pyramid used by journalists. Do not bury the lede, as it would only make users scroll all the way down. Highlight the key takeaway and keep the structure tight but flowing.

Create catchy headlines

Short but catchy headlines never fail to attract interest. In mobile browsing, it can help you get more visits and a wider online presence. Make them entertaining and fun, sort of a teaser, and avoid clickbait headlines at all costs.

Make your call to action more prominent

Finally, be sure to make your calls to action obvious and prominent. If you have buttons for links, make them large enough so users can easily click on them. You also want to place them within the content. Try not to put them all the way to the end of the page.

Mobilegeddon is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, it has only reaffirmed the growing presence of mobile users. By making the necessary adjustments, you can maximize the changes and make your brand’s online presence stronger.


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