Critiquing Chocolates

Critiquing Chocolates

ChocolateDo you know someone who doesn’t like chocolates? If you do, tell them they’re missing out a lot on life. Kidding aside, one can easily say that chocolates are one of the best creations by man. Scoffing one bar is pure pleasure, and even its aftertaste will bring back some fond memories.

You can eat all the chocolates you want in one sitting, but appreciating them requires you to take some time. Partaking of your own bar is much like drinking wine. It has phases that you need to undergo to fully experience and realize its wonders.

Your Choices

FernCreek Confections encourages people to try chocolates they have never had before. This means going past your favorite locally made bars. If you have budget, you may go pricey options. You can for choices that are mixed with unorthodox ingredients, such as meat, herbs, and rare nuts. Make sure your choices have different cacao percentages.

Your Palate

You palate must be clean. The aftertaste of the food you previously ate will serve as a distraction. To cleanse your palate, sample some soda crackers, baguette, or white bread. Eat a slice of apple, and wash the remaining flavor with water.

The Aroma

The aroma complements the taste so pay attention to the smell of the chocolate first. The aroma gives you a clue on what type of cacao beans is used. It will also help you identify if there are special herbs and spices infused into it. Take note if there are hints of fruits.

The Taste

To appreciate the flavor of the chocolate, eat morsel that your mouth can easily accommodate. Let in melt in your mouth to explore the evolution of the taste. Take note of its texture. Popular chocolates typically have silkier consistency, while locally made bars often lead residues in your tongue.

Take note of how other ingredients, such as nuts, berries, nuts, and mints, with the bitterness of the cocoa and the sweetness of the milk and sugar. Cleanse your palate with crackers or sparkling water when moving to the next bar.

Chocolate appreciation is one of the steps to enjoy the finer things in life. Take note of these things if you want to organize a chocolate tasting party.


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