How to Choose a Wedding Cake that is Entirely Your Own

How to Choose a Wedding Cake that is Entirely Your Own

wedding cakeA wedding is one of the most exciting and memorable events in a person’s lifetime. The highlight of a wedding is, of course, the beautiful bride and her dashing groom, but when it’s time for the reception, everyone sits with high anticipation to see the wedding cake.

If you want to have a memorable wedding, here are some tips on choosing a wedding cake.

Choosing the Design

Your wedding cake should be a reflection of you as the bride. In the past, wedding cakes in Sydney were very traditional and tiered design. Today, there are many different designs to choose from. There are ruffled wedding cakes that come in classic white, peach, or gold.

You can even order a customised cake that reflects your personality. Look through online wedding directories, like, to find companies that offer customise wedding cakes. You can select just about any available flavour there is aside from the usual vanilla.


The size of your cake will depend on the number of guests. The most popular shape is still the rounds and squares, but most people are trying to break away from tradition and come up with a cake shape that is entirely their own.


There are literally an infinite number of designs you can choose from. You can ask your baker for suggestions. Make sure to look for one that catches your eye.

Wedding cakes usually match the lace pattern of the wedding dress or even the choice of flowers in the wedding bouquet. If your wedding has a theme, you can incorporate that to the cake design as well.


Your cake should not just be a treat to the eyes—it should also be a treat to the palate. People are going to be lining up to get a slice and it is necessary that the cake is moist and tastes excellent.

Some of the more contemporary flavours you can try are cheese, fruit, carrot, and even mousse fillings. If you want to stay safe with the choice of flavour, you can never go wrong with either chocolate or vanilla.

Don’t stress, because choosing a cake is really about what feels good to you as the bride.


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