Where to Tie the Knot: Top 3 Things Your Wedding Venue Must Have

Where to Tie the Knot: Top 3 Things Your Wedding Venue Must Have

wedding venuePicking a wedding venue is probably the biggest decision you have to make as an engaged couple. Choosing may seem like just a matter of whether you like the location or not. But the truth is, there’s a lot more to it than that. Beyond the right size and affordable price, here are the top elements the event center must have:

The Right Atmosphere

The atmosphere of the place sets the mood for the ceremony. This means the music, lighting and decorations must all go well together to create that perfect vibe your guests will enjoy.

Ask the event center coordinator how they can turn the place into a romantic haven. Tell them about the theme of your wedding and your vision for the place. You may want to browse through wedding magazines first before consulting so you can have a more concrete picture of the atmosphere you want.

Guest-Friendly Location

The number one rule in choosing wedding venues is to think about your guests. Family and friends will devote time to witness this momentous event in your life. Those who live in distant locations, for example, will make quite the effort to get there. You owe it to them to make sure everything is fun and memorable; give them a good time.

The venue has to be somewhere accessible; it is always a good idea to be close to key establishments like restaurants, entertainment centers, and bars. This is especially important if you will have guests coming from across the country. It is always best to pick a venue near hotels and other accommodations. This way, they can stay in as soon as they arrive and rest after the ceremony. Make sure that your wedding venue also has onsite parking.

All-in-one Package

There are two types of wedding venues: full service and not full service. A full service event center provides everything. Usually, this includes tables and chairs, linens and catering materials. A non-full service venue, on the other hand, offers simply the space. You’re the one responsible for other logistics.

Do away with all the hassle by going for full-service wedding venues. Choose the all-in-one package. This will not just save time, but also eliminates the need for booking other vendors.

Choosing a wedding venue may be nerve-racking, but knowing the essentials can make the decision a bit easier. Take note of these wedding venue must-haves to guarantee a memorable, one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony.


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