Let the Pipe Go: Adding Beautiful Frosting to Your Cake

Let the Pipe Go: Adding Beautiful Frosting to Your Cake

cakeIt’s very hard to find someone who can’t appreciate a rich birthday cake. But, it’s not just the taste of the cake that matters – for many people, it’s important to have a great-looking cake to make your event extra special.

While decorating a cake requires a lot of effort, control and concentration, don’t let this discourage you from trying it out! Challenge yourself to make your own original decoration — buy cake decorating supplies online and remember these easy-to-follow decorating tips from My Little Angel – Cake Decorating & Supplies:

Create Shapes and Write Letters

Piping your frosting through a pastry bag gives you more control when adding various shapes and letters on the cake. Pick a bag tip that fits the general look of your cake: round tips can be used to make lines and lines or write messages, for example. Planning to be more creative with shapes? For leaves and lattices, use leaf tips and basket-weave tips respectively.

Add Colour and Flavour

You can also add your preferred flavour and colour to your frosting. Complement your cake’s flavour by adding flavors such as such as vanilla, coffee or hazelnut. Cream cheese, butter and white frosting can be combined with any colour you prefer. You can use gel food coloring or liquid coloring to add a touch of colour to your cake.

Put Frosting on Your Cake

Once you’ve picked a shape you want to make, begin filling a pastry bag about two-thirds full of frosting. Folding the corners, roll the bag down to the frosting. Using one hand, grip the bag close to the roll and apply pressure with the palm of your hand to force the frosting toward the tip. You can also use your other hand to guide the tip of the bag, for better control.

Make your cake not only taste good, but look good as well! Start planning the ideal look you want to achieve, and buy cake decorating supplies online and get started on your dream cake.


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