Local Sports Activities: The Heart of a Healthy City

Local Sports Activities: The Heart of a Healthy City

ObesityThe UAE is a proud advocate of a healthier life. Recently, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, UAE Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, as well as other government officials, led the “Let’s Walk” march to raise awareness about obesity.

The march was part of the Healthy Children 2021 campaign, whose goal is to reduce obesity rate to 12% of the population by 2021. With this campaign, country leaders and parents are hoping for a healthier and fitter generation.

Sports and their role in health promotion

This kind of emphasis on health drives Dubai to continuously promote sports, which are known to be an effective solution to beat obesity. They are not only beneficial to the city itself, as they increase revenue, or to businesses in the sports industry, but more importantly, to the sports-minded and health-conscious portion of the population.

So many platforms aim to motivate people of all ages and conditions, from children to post-natal mothers. They also heighten the hype and interest to partake in physical activities. GamePlaySport, for example, connects people with a variety of local sports events, activities, classes and clubs all over the city by giving them access to all these social functions.

They cater to all kinds of sports – yoga, wall-climbing, running, gymnastics, Cross fit workout, canoeing –and are all about embracing the different preferences and interests. Other platforms provide interested participants with access to more “outdoor” excursions, such as camel racing, car rallying, horseback riding and racing, skiing, outdoor rock-climbing and many others.


Like all things, engaging in sports is not something you can overdo, especially strenuous sports. Anything in excess, and without proper regulation, may end up hurting you and reversing your strategy to get healthy and fit.

Due to the pressure and excitement, people who have been overweight all their lives tend to rush into the workout program without proper preparation. They should consult fitness professionals to help them ease into it and ensure a safer workout experience.
With people adhering to the guidelines of a well-regulated exercise, coupled with a healthy diet, the vision of Healthy Children 2021 campaign can soon turn into a reality.


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