Activities that Will Make You Friendlier and Healthier

Activities that Will Make You Friendlier and Healthier

You don’t have to be an extrovert to make friends. You also don’t have to be a gym-buff or vegetarian to be healthy. Sometimes, all it takes to do something different is the desire to finally get up and get out of the house. Maybe it’s time to engage in activities that will help you become friendlier or healthier? Or better yet, why not both?

Extreme Sports

Be it climbing steep mountains or finding a Blizzard Black Pearl ski, everything about extreme sports will help you make more friends. The question is, how? A study published in the Journal of Early Adolescence has found that engaging in activities encourages high-quality friendships. Extreme sports, in general, often require having a team of people to help you. The people in the group are enthusiasts who share a common interest in the sport. Therefore, this shared interest and engagement in extreme activities help nurture a strong bond between these people.

Meanwhile, a study that focused on friendship quality in youth sports found similar results. Additionally, there was also development in self-esteem, supportiveness, loyalty, and intimacy for young adults who engaged in sports. So on top of strong bonds, participating in extreme sports can make you generally healthier, both physically and mentally.

Working Out

If you’re not too excited about going (way) outdoors for extreme sports, working out might be a better option for you. After all, you can reap almost the same benefits in terms of physical health and improved bonds.

Now, don’t limit yourself to going to the gym. Working out can also involve yoga, parkour, or calisthenics. However, while all of these exercises have different approaches in how they use the body, all of them can help build strong friendships.

Working out, especially if you’re a beginner, requires you to ask for advice and assistance from people who can be considered experts in the exercise. This can help build trust between you and the people who help you reach your goal. Plus, don’t forget the self-esteem boost when you finally achieve the physique that you’re going for.


couple standing at the top of the mountain

Some people consider traveling a luxury. It can be expensive, especially if you’re flying to a different country. However, you can’t deny that you can never put a price tag on the experiences and bonds that only traveling can give you.

According to one article published in the Journal of Current Issues in Tourism, there are four objectives that travelers meet whenever they travel:

  • Cultural immersion
  • Giving back
  • Camaraderie or friendships
  • Family bonding

All of these four contribute to a healthier mind and (figurative) heart. Cultural immersion, in particular, helps you become more sensitive and aware of the people around you. Because like it or not, not everything you do is acceptable in every country or city that you visit.

Not to mention, your travels and adventures can also be a good conversation starter if you want to talk to people. And if you happen to come across another traveler, that’s one conversation that can undoubtedly lead to a great friendship.

Health Is Wealth, but So Are Good Friends

While your well-being might be your top motivation to engage in any of these activities, nothing can replace the bonds that go with them. Sometimes, having a healthy life also means having healthy friendships. After all, our relationships can define who we are as a person.