How Acrobatics and Aerial Yoga Leads To Better Health

How Acrobatics and Aerial Yoga Leads To Better Health

yogaOf late, aerial yoga training has started catching public fancy because of the myriad benefits it offers. This, coupled with acrobatics, is popular with many health freaks, particularly the younger lot, who has gained enormous values from it. Yoga imparted good health and physical fitness.

Physical and Therapeutic Benefits

Experts also recommend aerial yoga training to the disabled or injured as a therapeutic measure because it improves overall strength and aids muscle development substantially. They practice aerial yoga especially by those who want to master the more intricate and complex yoga poses because the fabric that they use allows them to bend and move flexibly into different poses without falling down.

The biggest advantage of this concept is that you do not require special equipment or large spaces, as this uses bodyweight training. In other words, it is your body providing the resistance, strengthening and toning the muscles.

How Does It Measure Up to Acrobatics?

Acrobatics on the other hand, is for younger people whose muscles are still naturally supple and who do not suffer from joint problems. This is more difficult and needs more overall fitness. It is inadvisable for people with arthritis or other orthopedic conditions and may prove harmful in the long run. Moreover, this needs proper supervision, and not done with hypertension or cardiac conditions.

Note that those practicing acrobatics or aerial yoga, says, need to have a balanced diet comprising the right mix of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Usually the practice of aerial yoga on an empty stomach may lead to nausea because of the strain on the abdominal muscles.


Acrobatics need certain special equipment like the wooden horse or rings, whereas aerial yoga just needs a stretchable fabric and a mat. Both processes increase blood circulation in the body, particularly to the vital organs and help lower blood cholesterol and other harmful lipids. Experts also believe that it enhances skin tone and eyesight in the elderly.

Both aerial yoga and acrobatics need concentration and flexibility. Whereas acrobatics are extremely specialized, aerial yoga needs only two equipment, and calms down the person doing it while toning their muscles and making them fitter.


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