Supplementing The Hormone Factor

Supplementing The Hormone Factor

medicationsTwo factors believed to play a major role in our health, aside from diet and exercise, are hormones and gut bacteria. The former are chemicals that affect many processes in our body including growth, metabolism, sexual function, moods and reproduction. In fact, they even affect gut bacteria.

These two can destroy your good health even if your diet is perfect and you take your diet supplements regularly. Green Gold Nutrition has listed some ways to make balancing hormone levels easy-peasy:

There are many ways to perform this balancing act.
  • Avoid polyunsaturated fats in your diet. This means replacing vegetable oils, peanut oil, margarine and other shortening agents with coconut oil, olive oil and real butter. Take coconut oil daily. This increases the hormonal production in the body, reduces inflammation and also comes with antimicrobial properties.
  • Cut down the coffee intake to a bare minimum. Caffeine plays havoc with your endocrine glands and causes huge imbalances. Have herbal tea instead.
  • Avoid all kinds of toxins present in plastics, pesticides and other household chemicals. These tend to mimic natural hormones, preventing the body from producing real ones.
  • Get enough sleep to keep all chemicals in the body in complete balance and harmony. Eight hours of sleep daily will keep all diseases at bay and even extend your lifespan.
  • Ideally, get vitamin D from the sun and magnesium from the sea, but not every one of us leads a perfect life. This necessitates supplements in some form or the other. Have cod liver oil and calcium-rich foods, too.
  • Like all health issues, exercise is almost a panacea, including activities like swimming and walking. Avoid intense exercise when you wish to balance hormones, as they could over-produce a particular kind.

Hormone levels fluctuate with age and even at the time of day, and men’s hormone levels differ from those of women. As always, consult a doctor first before engaging in any exercise or supplement regimen.


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