Belly, Belly Fat: Reason You’re Not Losing Belly Bulge

belly fatAccording to experts, belly fat is the worst kind of fat in the body. Other than adding to the inches on your waistline, belly fat surrounds your inner stomach and foreshadows health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, and insulin resistance.

If regular diet and exercise isn’t enough to reduce your belly fat, your age, hormones, and daily habits may be the culprit. Cosmetic Dermatology and Vein Center shares a few reasons why your belly isn’t shrinking:

Getting Older

The body changes how it loses and gains weight as you get older. You may experience a declining metabolic rate, which will make it harder for you to shed those pounds. It is best to seek the help of a fitness expert and perform the right exercises to avoid the production of fat cells in other parts of your body.

Wrong Exercises

Cardio exercises sometimes aren’t to reduce your waist size. It is important to do a combination of cardiovascular and strength training to get your body to lose more fat. Strength training increases muscle mass, helping you burn more calories throughout the day. You can also perform high intensity interval training with a combination of cardio workouts and strength exercises.


Too much stress will make it harder for you drop unwanted fat, especially in the stomach. Stressful situations cause to you reach for high-calorie and high-fat food. Moreover, the stress hormone, cortisol, increases the amount of fat your body holds on to and increases your fat cells.

Processed Foods

Stomach fat is related to inflammation, so eating processed food will make it difficult for you lose fat. Avoid consuming chips, crackers, or food with refined sugar, as they increase inflammation. Choose fruits and vegetables, as they have anti-inflammatory properties.

Lack of Sleep

Sleeping less than six hours every night can add to the measurement of your waistline. Research suggests that women who sleep five hours or less are more likely to gain weight than those who sleep for seven hours. It is still important get seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

Reducing belly fat takes motivation and a combination of diet and exercises. Make sure you’re willing to do the work to have a healthy body you can be proud of.


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  1. Drinking
    alcohol is another culprit behind the growth of belly fat. Drinking constantly
    can interfere with your weight loss attempts. It is also important to cut down
    on high calories drinks like juice or soda.

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