Choosing Between Traditional Weight Training and StrongFirst

Choosing Between Traditional Weight Training and StrongFirst

kettlebellPeople are always looking for new ways to lose weight and get fit. Some resorts to home-based exercises such as video fitness programs and DIY routines. To others, they would rather trust professional trainers to look after them and plan their fitness regimens. The question now is which do you subscribe to? What delivers results?

Today, StrongFirst is taking the world by storm. These intense workouts prove effective in shedding fat and gaining muscle. The other choice is traditional weight training. Here, you can go at your own pace and you’ll be attended by your own personal trainer.

Choosing between these two will be based on your goals. Learn about each program’s merits to help you decide:


One thing about StrongFirst is it’s different. The exercises focus on strength. The main goal is to make people fit. Not just stronger, not just faster, but fully fit. According to Queensland Kettlebells, the system was designed by Pavel Tsatsouline during his time as a fitness instructor in the Russian Special Forces.

It is a system that has been refined utilising the input of a variety of masters from a diverse range of disciplines that differs from anything else. It is a system of strength that emphasises movement quality, health, and performance.

Weight Training

Traditional weight training has been so effective for countless amounts of people. But, you’re going to have to rely on lifting and using equipment to attain your fitness goals. Its redeeming quality is that your trainer can focus on your specific needs. You don’t have to do what everyone does; your guy will figure out what’s best for you.

In addition, muscle burns fat very efficiently. So, gaining more muscle means eliminating more fat. With all the lifting you’re going to do, you’ll definitely shed weight.

With enough commitment, you can subscribe to any fitness program and reach your goals. Make sure to carefully select to ensure that your body, and your money, can carry your choice regimen consistently.


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