Pain and Gain: 3 Benefits of the Proper Form

Pain and Gain: 3 Benefits of the Proper Form

weightliftingBodybuilding and weightlifting in general is a great form of recreation and exercise for people looking to build their muscular strength and endurance. Athletes all over Lakeville flock to the gym to do just that.

Key to this form of training is what is known as the proper form. For the amateurs, here are the three reasons never to get sloppy with your form.

Right on Target

In the athletic discipline of weight lifting, exercises are performed with the “proper form”, or the form how your body should do it. The first reason why you want to do this “proper form” in the first place is that if you want to grow your muscle, you have to hit that muscle, and the proper form does just that. Form ensures that the burn during workouts actually hits your targeted muscle group for straining it, and subsequent growth.

Workout Efficiency

Beating yourself up with weights is painful. And for athletes who want to reach that level of intensity have to make each painful repetition count. That said, doing the proper form translates to workout efficiency. If you can hit the target muscle properly for the right intense duration for every repetition, you maximize the benefit of the strenuous exercise for every repetition. This wastes no press, curl, or squat.

Avoiding Injury

Perhaps the most important of all reasons to observe the proper form is to avoid injury. Getting injured during training is unavoidable – what with you pushing your body to the limit every session. But you can minimize that risk by observing the proper form.

For example, sloppy form during high-intensity exercises like squats or deadlifts can severely hurt your back. If this happens, you would need the help of Lakeville chiropractors and physical therapists.

Getting injured can put you out of action for weeks – months even. And during that interim injured period, you will be helpless as you watch your previous progress erode before your eyes.

So much in life can be achieved by using the proper form. Observing it in as simple as your training can pay dividends towards achieving your fitness goals.


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