Online Marketing and its Edge Over Traditional Media

Online Marketing and its Edge Over Traditional Media

online marketingInternational organisations predict that by the end of 2014, the total number of Internet users around the world would surpass 3 billion. Alongside this, subscriptions to mobile broadband would climb up to 2.3 billion. This goes on top of the projected number of mobile-cellular subscriptions come 2015, which experts peg at nearly 7 billion.

So, yes, to say that the Internet is rapidly developing is putting it lightly. This is the reason behind the boom of online marketing in the past few years, says Against traditional media such as radio, television, and print, online marketing maintains different advantages:


In traditional media, you would have to buy costly ad spots just to get your brand noticed. How many people remember your brand is another discussion. On the Internet, one website can set you up for success. When you employ the right SEO techniques, you can see a drastic improvement in the people who visit your site and the people who purchase your product or service.

Where online marketing wins here is in the medium’s reach. TV, radio, and print can only go so far with their audience. Most of these channels are limited to the area of their broadcast. Contrast this with the Internet, which reaches the whole world by default. With the right strategy, you can even customise your campaign to bolster your site’s local reach.

Social media

Internet marketing also breeds a different channel where information reigns supreme: social media. Most people see social media as simply a tool for documenting their personal events and storing their selfies. But the channel has immense potential for businesses, as it serves as a gigantic advertising platform where you can target your ads to the right audience.


Lastly, online marketing gains an edge over traditional media in terms of measurability. The typical advertising channels often depend on surveys and arbitrary measures. On the other hand, online marketing has accurate analytics that document a site’s traffic, ranking, and other relevant statistics to the smallest detail. This makes it easier to tweak a marketing campaign and enhance its effectiveness.

Although businesses shouldn’t completely abandon traditional media, it makes more sense now to focus more on what is happening online. After all, the medium reaches a wider audience and improves brand visibility.


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