When Children Can Learn, But Don’t: How Parents Can Improve Their Study Habits

When Children Can Learn, But Don’t: How Parents Can Improve Their Study Habits

LearningAre you worrying that your child is unmotivated to learn?

Many parents have been there. And it is no secret that it’s stressful and emotionally draining to know kids do not care about studying. Let’s face it: this is not a new issue. Most children do not like doing homework or learning maths, as all they want to do is watch the telly, play outside and hang out with other kids. They will have tantrums once a parent intervenes. That, however, quickly develops into yelling and arguing.

Sure, you want your child to learn and improve skills, but it does not have to end in arguing and mutual frustration. This article will help you encourage and motivate your kids to study without nagging.

Set a Homework Schedule

Apart from establishing a routine for meals and bedtime, plan a regular homework time for your child. Set certain rules, such as no cartoons, no gadgets or no toys. To remind your kids when it is time to do schoolwork, post a calendar in the bedroom or kitchen – anywhere your child will see clearly. A study routine is important, especially for younger children.

Book a Private Tutor

Take an active interest in your child’s study habits by hiring a private teacher. Industry professionals, such as Progressivehometutors.com.au, note that tutoring ensures your child receives the full attention without competing with other classmates. In addition, a private teacher can make learning sessions fun and exciting, so kids will enjoy reading and learning English, science or history. Though there’s a tutor, always be available to answer your child’s concerns and questions. You may also want to cheer them on and work nearby to see the improvements.

Keep in Touch with Tutors

All unmotivated students only need attention at home, so give your best to fulfill your child’s needs. Keep in touch with the private tutor and teachers at school. You need to know your child’s strengths and weaknesses, not to mention be aware of the subjects they are learning.

Every child learns and studies in different ways. As a responsible parent, you just have to figure out where and how to improve those habits


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