The Impact Of Cavities On Young Children And Ways To Prevent Them

The Impact Of Cavities On Young Children And Ways To Prevent Them

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Cavities are formed when there is too much acid in the mouth. They are linked with sugar consumption and bad oral hygiene habits. Unfortunately, according to statistics, cavities affect up to 80% of children in the UK, impacting their daily lives considerably.

From both a social and healthcare perspective, cavities are largely preventable. The role of the dentist in Richmond – such as Sheen Dental – is to inform parents about the risks of consuming too much sugar and not having a good oral hygiene routine as well as providing the most appropriate preventive tools to children.

Can parents help their children establish a healthy oral care routine?

The dentist in Richmond will collaborate closely with parents to ensure that they know how to take good care of their children’s teeth. This is really important if children are young and cannot take good care of their teeth themselves. Quite a few parents fail to realise that baby teeth are really important for the proper development and health of adult teeth. Moreover, healthy teeth are imperative for the proper development and oral function of children already from a young age. For all these reasons, parents can be the best allies of their children in helping them establishing a thorough oral hygiene routine.

Consequences of cavities on young children

One of the main drawbacks of cavities is pain and this can be particularly distressing for young children. Moreover, tooth decay can have an emotional impact on a child, since it can make them feel more self-aware of their appearance and oral hygiene habits. Last but not least, cavities can cause serious oral health complications and even tooth loss – a situation that is far from ideal at this young age.

How can the dentist in Richmond help?

With the help of a dentist in Richmond, young children can avoid cavities by having their teeth checked and reducing their sugar intake. Moreover, the dentist will suggest preventive measures such as dental sealants and fluoride applications. Both methods are very effective at preventing bacteria from destroying the tooth enamel. In combination with great oral hygiene habits, these measures can help maintain their smiles and oral health.