Start Early: Teaching Kids Good Oral Habits

Start Early: Teaching Kids Good Oral Habits

Kid brushing his teethKids often imitate what their parents do, so it is important to display proper oral hygiene habits in front of them. When children see their parents brush and floss daily, they are likely to adopt the same habits and practice them as they grow old. This can promote long-term oral and overall health, which is likely to continue in their adult years.

Here are the other healthy oral habits you should instill to your kids and other members of the family:

Choose water

Let children see and understand the importance of choosing water over other beverages. It is still okay to have some soda and fruit juice occasionally, but never make them a habit. You should also avoid watching TV while having sugary snacks and drinks, as kids are likely to adopt the habit.

Store healthy foods at home

If your pantry is filled with chips, cookies, soda, and other unhealthy options, your kids will be accustomed to those treats. Always choose healthy treats like fruits and vegetables. South Davis Pediatric Dentistry and other pediatric dentists suggest preparing snacks at home instead of ordering fast food.

Continue dental hygiene in vacation

While vacation is all about having fun, your kids should not forget about brushing and flossing daily. Encourage them to drink plenty of water and clean their teeth 30 minutes after meals. Show them that oral hygiene is important to have a beautiful and healthy smile.

Always visit the dentist

Start visiting the dentist early on and make this a habit twice a year. You should also show them that you’re comfortable sitting in the dentist’s chair, so they will also feel the same. This can help them develop a good relationship with the dentist, which can continue in their adult years.

Encourage proper oral hygiene habits to promote healthy and strong teeth. This also means choosing water and other teeth-friendly beverages and stocking healthy and low-sugar snacks at home. Don’t forget to keep with oral hygiene even when you’re not at home and visit the dentist two times year.