A Quick List of Hints for the Newbie Photographer

A Quick List of Hints for the Newbie Photographer

Learning PhotographyMuch like any other hobby that can turn into a professional venture, photography can be quite challenging to get into. Basic photography rules are easy enough to grasp, though, given the right materials and the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by photography terms or found a photography guidebook confusing, don’t worry. Take it slowly and try to absorb all the information there. But, it helps to remember the basics of the hobby even before setting out to take your first few shots. EOSWorld.Canon.com.sg shares some of them below:

  • Don’t worry too much about the type of camera you’re using. It’s very easy to be mislead by the notion that you need to invest in expensive and highly advanced equipment just to be able to get the best pictures possible. Remember this, though: Any kind of camera can produce beautiful pictures. It doesn’t matter if it’s a state-of-the-art model or an old digicam. It’s not the tools you use; it’s how you use them.
  • Always factor in lighting. Lighting plays an important role in capturing great photos. Always consider light sources; never shoot against the light (unless that’s the effect you’re going for). Be familiar with how to use flash effectively, as well as how to position yourself so that you can use shadows to your advantage.
  • Obey the rule of thirds. The other thing to consider when taking photos is composition. By simply adhering to the rule of thirds, you can make all of your shots look excellent. When you look through your camera’s screen or viewfinder, try to envision it divided into thirds, horizontally and vertically. Whenever you take a picture, imagine putting the subject on the intersection points of the lines to create a balanced effect.

One more thing: Always keep your camera with you. You’ll never know when the next opportunity to take a stunning photo will arrive, so always be prepared with your camera in hand and perhaps a small tripod in your bag.


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