Quick Fix for Small Holes in Pipes

Quick Fix for Small Holes in Pipes

Leaking pipes can cause a lot of problems, including flooding, deformed walls, molds, and higher water bills. If it is late at night and you can’t find someone to do the job of fixing them, then you can always do it yourself for the meantime.   However, it is always best to seek professional support systems for your plumbing concerns. They can help fix major damages in your pipes. This is only recommended for smaller holes in your pipe and here’s how you can do it:

Find the Main Source of Leak

You need to first determine which pipe is leaking. Try to turn off the source of water supply, and then turn it on to see where the leaks are coming from. Once you find the source, you can turn the faucet on to remove all the remaining water in the pipe.

Dry the Broken Area

You need to wipe the area or use a blower to dry the broken area of the pipe. A microfiber cloth can easily help absorb any moisture or water. Be sure to wear your gloves, so you can avoid getting any cut. It will also help the materials stick in the pipe when it is dry.

Buy Epoxy Putty

You can go to the hardware store and find this easily. Kindly read the type of epoxy putty you are buying because some are specifically made for metal or PVC only and some can work for both. Use an amount that is enough to cover the area for repair and knead it with your hands. You can now apply it directly to the broken area and leave it for a few minutes. Make sure all the broken areas are covered and you can add more space of coverage to ensure that it won’t leak. Wait until it starts to get harder; that’s when you can turn on the water supply to see if there are still leaks present.

Use Teflon Tape

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Teflon tape will make sure there are no leaks on the side where you covered the broken area with putty. It helps create a seal that will not let any water pass through. After applying the Teflon tape, you can cover it once again with the putty and leave it some time to dry again. It would take an hour or less for it to set.

Check Again for Leaks

Turn the water supply on once the putty is solid. This will help check if the water is still leaking in the same area. If you see any water still going out of the area you fixed, it means you weren’t successful in making it watertight. Repeat the process and see if it still leaks. If it does continue, you can check your water meter so you can see the pressure of your water, as it can also cause the putty to break.

If after you have fixed the leaking pipe you noticed that there are still areas that are flooding or your water bills are still spiking up, there must be something else wrong. There can be hidden pipes that require a professional to fix so that your house can avoid any future damage.