Skilled Laborers Should Have These Qualities

Skilled Laborers Should Have These Qualities

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 25% rise in construction jobs by 2020, making it one of the most in-demand occupations in the U.S. While other industries are expected to grow at 14%, the construction industry is registering increased growth due to the continued investment and expansion in the business and commercial sectors.

As more construction and building projects are planned, more workers are needed for various developments. The building contractors may provide on-site workers, but they may also need additional workers to meet deadlines or augment staff shortage.

Agencies sourcing and fielding construction temp workers look for seasonal or part-time workers who can bridge the skills or numbers gap. These may be handymen from the community or hobbyists who are particularly skilled in woodworking, welding, or plumbing.

Strength and stamina

Construction jobs require long hours of physical work under harsh conditions. Workers involved in the building phase need to dig, bend, climb, lift, and operate power tools and machines. While they do not need to be buffed and have ripped abs, look for workers who are strong and can take on the demands of the job.

Good hand-eye coordination

Construction firms also look for workers with great hand-eye coordination as, well as multi-limb dexterity. This means that they must be able to work standing, lying down, or working with one leg and arm, or both arms and legs depending on the task at hand.

Mechanical knowledge and expertise in machinery


Power tools, machines, and other delicate equipment like fine cutting tools and polishers need not only dexterity but also the knowledge and skill to operate them. These may be advanced skills for a construction worker, but mechanical tools are part and parcel of building and construction projects.

Finding people with mechanical knowledge is a big advantage because they can be deployed to multiple projects or various sites. They only need to be there for the duration of the special task they need to do and move on to the next after the task is accomplished.

Vision and balance

Good eyesight and balance are requirements for construction work. Accuracy is paramount when building or laying the foundation for infrastructure. This is why construction workers need to have 20/20 vision, if possible. Balance is also one of the preferred traits, as well as not being afraid of heights. Depth perception will help machine or equipment operators gauge how deep to dig or lay down foundations.

People skills

While they will not be selling or marketing anything while working on the field, it is important that construction workers get along with one another. Being a team player and being personable are good skills to have. Tempers may be short sometimes and being able to keep level headed and mature will prevent fights from breaking out in the site.

Whether you are looking for full-time or temp workers, considering these five traits will help you find reliable and skilled employees. Having them assessed and profiled will make it easier to find other suitable projects and contracts for them.