5 Qualities to Look For In Your Orthodontist

5 Qualities to Look For In Your Orthodontist

Oral health is very important because it contributes to the overall well-being of an individual. When the oral cavity is clean and healthy, it will lead to better digestion. Meanwhile, when you neglect taking care of your teeth and oral cavity, it can lead to serious complications, including gum disease, tooth cavities, and even heart disease.

It is also important to look into how your orthodontist or dentist communicates with you and treats you. This way, you’ll have a comfortable stay in the clinic, without feelings of anxiety and fear, which will help you and your dentist to go on with the procedure with ease. Here are the qualities you should take note of when looking for orthodontics practitioner.

A Good Dentist Will Listen to You

The right dentist or orthodontist knows how to communicate well with their patients. They will listen to your problems and concerns regarding oral health. He or she will also address what your chief complaint is and will make sure the problem gets solved through quality work. The dentist should also take note of other concerns like feelings of anxiety of the patient, a busy work schedule, and limited financial capacity. Through careful assessment, the dentist can adjust fees depending on the patients’ needs.


dentist talking to her patientA good orthodontist means he or she has years of experience in the field of expertise. Experienced dentists protect your smile and make sure you receive the best services. It’s pivotal to choose someone who knows your best interests, addresses problems, and maintains a good relationship with patients. Years of experience shape the dentist to be someone who protects the smile of the patients.

Patient Education

A good dentist will educate you about your dental health and can properly explain the procedures in simple terms. The dentist can also explain possible complications and problems after a procedure and address them properly. Lecturing should be part of every clinic visit since education empowers the patient to be proactive about his or her dental health.

Understands Pain

Everyone feels pain differently, and a procedure that’s painful for one patient may not be for another. It’s imperative to understand that pain is subjective, and they should believe in what their patients say. This way, patients’ fear or anxiety will be lessened, and more patients would want to visit a dentist.

Injections and shots are dreaded by most people. Dentists should use pre-numbing gels before they inject the anesthesia to reduce pain. Patients with dental anxiety may have a childhood traumatic experience, so dentists should know how to handle these patients, such as suggesting ways to cope with dental anxiety.

Takes Time to Work

Dentists should take time to work to make sure the job is high-quality. Performing procedures fast may sacrifice the quality of work. However, when these procedures are done slowly but surely, you’ll have the best smile and oral health.

Oral health is as important as the other parts of the body. Hence, choosing the right orthodontist and dentist in Bay Area is crucial to ensure that you have a beautiful smile.