Top Audi Models to Consider Buying

Top Audi Models to Consider Buying

Audi has a long history that spans more than a century. Horsch established the company in 1909; he chose the name “Audi” because it was the Latin translation of his last name and the car company he left already used his last name. After a few decades, Audi partnered with other brands to create Auto Union.

With a history that is a century or so old, the company has made and launched some of the world’s best cars. These are some you might want to consider buying or if you already have one, keeping in no particular order. And then head to the nearest Audi car service centre for more details.

Audi 100 Coupe S (1969)

This gorgeous coupe debuted during the Frankfurt Motor Show back in’69. This car resembles an Italian car. It has a beautiful fastback; this coupe is not just about looks but also has some power for its time. Mercedes-Benz designed its 1.9-litre four-cylinder engine, giving it a horsepower of 115.

Audi continued to produce this model until 1976, approximately more than 30,000 bought this car.

Audi V8

This Audi model came out in 1988; this vehicle was the brand’s flagship model back in the 1980s. Its sleek look has made it a cool car to own and drive. This model launched Audi into the stratosphere of luxury car brands. The V8 was the predecessor of the newer A8.

Audi R8

This model came out in the 2000s and gained immediate popularity because of its fetching appearance. This was the brand’s first supercar that used a 4.2-litre V8 engine that pumps 400 horsepower into it. This vehicle continued to be a desirable model as the years since its initial release. It helped that the company improved it over time.

Audi Coupe S2 (1992)

This hot rod was the epitome of cool during the early 1990s. Its horsepower goes as high as 220 and then 230 with a later model. The gearbox also went up to six speeds a year after its initial release. The S2 utilised a 2.2-litre five-cylinder engine and all-wheel drive. It provided drivers with good control and performance.

Audi Quattro (1980)

The Quattro was one of the world’s very first all-wheel-drive vehicle. This hot rod reached worldwide success because of its look and performance. This model was not just used by regular drivers, but also became a rally car and won a competition. It used a 2.2-litre five-cylinder engine that sports a horsepower of 160. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 in around eight seconds; that does not sound impressive today, but during the 1980s that acceleration was notable.

Audi RS5

Audi RS5

This relatively brand new model can race up to 174mph and can accelerate to 60mph in just under four seconds. This is one of the top-performing coupes in Audi’s line of the already impressive list. The RS5 uses a 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6 engine, giving it top-quality performance.

It has a horsepower of 444 and uses an eight-speed automatic clutch that comes with a torque converter.

These are some of the best Audi models to look out for. If you own any of these, especially the vintage ones, make your way to a service centre to restore it or maintain it to keep its value high.