Maintaining Your Water Well Pump: What Should You Do?

Maintaining Your Water Well Pump: What Should You Do?

If you are reliant on a well for your water, then your pump is your most crucial equipment. You can go without all the resources, except for water.

The maintenance of your water well pump is very important. You have to make sure that it is in running condition all the time. Also, you want to prolong its life as much as possible. While these pumps are designed to last for years of use, improper maintenance can shorten their lifespan. Some companies service water well pumps in Utah, but it helps if you know proper maintenance too.

How Water Well Pumps Work

Before discussing proper pump maintenance, it might be useful to understand how water well pumps work.

Most water well pumps are jet pumps that sit on top of the ground. It draws water from the ground and creates water pressure so that water can be supplied to a house or a farm. Many water well systems make use of pressurized storage tanks where the users draw the water from. Some use gravity to supply the water instead.

Water Well Maintenance

Like any other equipment, your water well requires proper maintenance for it to function properly. In the case of a water pump, regular maintenance is a must because it has moving parts and is used quite often, making them prone to breakdowns.

You don’t have to do anything complicated. There are easy-to-do maintenance steps that you can follow on your own.

water pumps inside a room

Cleaning the Components

The water that is drawn by the pump from the ground is not treated so it contains a lot of minerals and sometimes debris. The debris can get trapped inside the pump. You need to clean the inside of the pump and remove anything that gets trapped inside. Before doing this, make sure that you switch off the power.

Look for Damage

While you are in the process of cleaning the pump, you should also look for signs for damage. Check for damage near the pressure switch. Another component that is prone to damage is the aerator. If you do see any damage, don’t try to repair it yourself. Call professionals to replace the damaged component.

Adjust to the Correct Pressure Level

Using a pump that has an incorrect pressure level can cause a lot of water to be wasted. It can also cause your electric bill to increase. Make sure that you adjust your pump to the correct pressure level. Many water pumps are designed to turn on when low pressure is detected and automatically turn off when a specific pressure is reached. You can adjust the gauge and the switch to find the optimal pressure.

These are just three maintenance ideas that can prolong the life of your water pump and also help lower your electricity bills.

If you’re dependent on a water pump, then you need to maintain it properly. It can save you money in the long run since replacing a water pump can be very costly. Having to shut down your water system can be very inconvenient too.