What Seniors Need to Know When Buying a Vehicle

What Seniors Need to Know When Buying a Vehicle

Senior citizens in the U.S. may need to sharpen their driving skills if they want to buy a new vehicle. Improving your driving skills is critical especially if you haven’t been driving a vehicle for some time. Aside from checking your vehicle, you also need to get a health check to reduce the risk of injury during vehicular accidents.

See a Doctor and Review Your Driving History

Before you buy a new vehicle, it’s important to check your driving history if you’re going to need an Arizona SR-22 insurance. This insurance is needed if you previously caused a car crash because you were driving under the influence. Depending on your age and health condition, you may need to check your limitations as an older driver. Some older adults who use medication should consult their doctors if they plan to use any machinery. Your physician could recommend a new drug if your current medication could put you at risk.

If you haven’t been driving for several years, you should ask your physician for a vision and hearing test. Regular exercise can help improve your circulation during long drives. These tests will help you know if you need to wear prescription glasses or a hearing aid so you can see traffic signs and hear other vehicles on the road.

Elderly safety tips to consider when buying a new car

For most senior citizens, safety is the topmost priority when choosing a new vehicle. While most vehicle safety information is available online, you could still ask car dealers and mechanics for your vehicle’s safety features. If you plan to buy a new car, ask the dealer to compare the safety features of each model. You should also check if the vehicle you plan to buy has a safety issue or open recall. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) lets you know if a particular vehicle brand and model has safety issues. All you have to do is to enter the vehicle’s model and year of manufacture.

Comfort is probably the next important thing that you need to consider when buying a new car. Although most vehicle models nowadays have adjustable seats and steering wheels, you may still want to determine if such adjustments will suit your health condition and keep you comfortable behind the wheels.

Senior citizen couple in a car

You could buy driving aids such as a mirror adapter and a pedal extender. A mirror adapter includes panoramic mirrors and blind spot mirrors. These mirrors help older adults who have flexibility issues. A foot pedal extender helps older adults reach the foot pedal. The extender also lessens the possibility of their foot slipping from the pedal. You could also add a seat belt pull and a swivel seat cushion to make it easier for older adults to exit and enter the vehicle.

When buying a new vehicle, it’s important that you consider safety, especially for older drivers. Keeping yourself physically and mentally fit behind the wheels may help you reduce car accident risks. Know all the safety information about a vehicle to determine if it will suit your lifestyle and will not compromise your health condition while on the road.