Tips on Buying a Used Car: The Actual Test Drive

Tips on Buying a Used Car: The Actual Test Drive

Test Driving Cars in ChilliwackThe day that you get to take the used car you’re eyeing for a test drive is looming. Since you have everything you need to bring with you for the drive, below are vital things to consider when you’re driving the car:

  • Which features do you need? List down specific features you’re looking for and then review them during your drive to determine how the car you’re test driving measures up.
  • Where are you going to drive the car? It’s ideal to test drive the car in different driving environments like on bumpy and smooth roads, stopping and going while in traffic, and on the highway to see how it handles.
  • What should you do before driving away? Tinker around with the accessories and controls before you leave the dealership. Check if you can comfortably reach the different controls and if they’re all working. Check also if the seat and pedal adjustments are right for you, and if the A/C functions perfectly.
  • How do you feel driving the car? Are you comfortable with the steering wheel? Do you need to make constant adjustments when driving? Try making lots of right and left turns, merging, passing, decelerating and accelerating, adds a dealer or used cars in Chilliwack. How’s the engine? Can it accelerate as fast as you’d like and does the car downshift and upshift without issues?

Likewise, attempt parking in different directions to get a sense of the car’s angles and potential blind spots you might encounter every day. Additionally, try the braking softer and harder to check if the anti-lock brake feature is functioning. Check if the car pulled to the side or if you had to push the pedal down farther.

Once you’re done with the test drive, you’ll be in a much better position to decide whether or not the car is worth buying or not. Also, consider asking the dealer if you could take the car for another test drive at night if you did the first one during the day. Likewise, don’t hesitate to ask the dealer if your family member (who’s also going to be driving the car when you buy it) can test the car.

Lastly, don’t rush the entire experience; a great time would be around 30 minutes or more so you can really get the feel of the car and decide if you really want to buy it or look for another car in the lot.