Screening Test: Hiring the Best Applicant

Pre-employment screening methods and reference checks are important to find the right employees that are suitable for the job. Screening methods reveal important information about the candidate’s prior behavior and allow you to verify information such as job history and education. Here are a few techniques commonly used by employers.

Application Screen Test

Background Check

This screening method may include education verification, review of work history, and verification of any criminal records. Background checks prevent you from hiring individuals with histories of violent crimes, for example. Learn more about the importance of screening tests by visiting or contacting PRTR Employee Check.

Standard Screening Test

A skill test is one of the most common forms of pre-employment tests. It is used to verify if the applicant has the skills he says he does, as well as the skills needed for the job. An aptitude test is another type of screening that evaluates the applicant’s capacity to learn new skills required for the job.

Reference Check

This screening focuses on confirming factual details indicated on resumes. It gathers qualitative information about the candidate’s skills and previous performances. It involves contacting the right people with the right question, to help you select the most suitable candidate for the position.

Hire the right employee with these pre-employment screening methods. Contact a company offering employee check solutions to help you in the process of screening applicants.