What You Should Consider before Hiring a Temp

What You Should Consider before Hiring a Temp

Superheroes are always welcome, but we all know they are just figments of our imagination. In reality, we all have our limits and, at times, we need to slow down, step back and recuperate. Unfortunately, this means we would be leaving some work behind, particularly when we have to go on an extended leave. This is where temps come in.

Saving the Day with Temps

Temps are usually signed with an agency, although some are freelancers who are open to the idea of working for short periods. With an agency setup, the temp might have the privilege of enjoying benefits similar to what full-time, regular employees receive. Temps also go through the recruitment process much faster than other positions. This is because there is an expectation that they will not be around for a long period. At best, a temp maybe with a company for no more than a year.

Advantages of Getting a Temp

If you are still on the fence about getting a temp, one of the things you should look into is your budget. With the shorter duration of their work, the overhead cost involved tends to be lesser. Keep in mind that you also do not have to provide them with the same benefits as your full-time employees. Most companies offer higher pay and hold off any other benefit or privilege reserved for full-time employees alone.

Practice like this is typically more prevalent in the healthcare industry where locum tenens nurses and practitioners are needed to cover critical positions left by those on sabbatical or extended leaves of absence. These temps are certified in the medical field, giving them the qualifications required to work in clinics and hospitals, albeit temporarily.

Most temps, regardless of the industry, are also experienced, workers. Because of this, there is very little need from your organization to spend time and money on training them. The temp can be up and running as soon as he or she signs the contract.

Disadvantages of Getting a Temp

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One of the problems in getting a temp lies in the person requiring such services. More often than not, planning is not done properly. This leads to hiring a temp when the situation doesn’t call for one, such as when a full-time employee is the right fit. At the same time, if the person conducting the interview is not fully informed of the need for such services, there is a tendency to get anyone who applies for the position. In this case, there is a high risk of mistakes. These will cost you time and money to remedy, regardless of how small or big it is.

Hiring a temp necessitates careful thought. Weigh your options before approaching an agency. Oftentimes, you already have an employee who is qualified for the position. It is only a matter of deciding whether they should be promoted, or they can be assigned the position temporarily. If a temp is necessary, consider what we mentioned. These will help you make decisions that are beneficial to all parties involved.