4 Dryer Parts That Require Your Attention the Most

4 Dryer Parts That Require Your Attention the Most

A clothes dryer is an investment that can last as long as you care for it. Proper usage and maintenance are necessary if you want your dryer to last for years. Simple procedures like not leaving your laundry in it for too long and unplugging it when it’s not in use can make a big difference. But which dryer parts are most prone to wear and damage? Here are some of these parts, so you know which parts you have to check out first if the dryer suddenly malfunctions:

1. Heating element

Most standard dryers come with a heating element. It helps the machine create the heat necessary to dry your wet clothes. If it breaks or sustains any type of damage, it can cause your dryer to be ineffective. Your dryer also has a thermal fuse that prevents your dryer from getting too worked up. If you think the dryer is overheating, stop using and unplug it immediately.

2. Dryer vent

Lint from your laundry can enter the vent through every load you put in the dryer. The lint will most likely enter the vent when it’s moist and warm. After it dries, it sticks snuggly to the grooves in the dryer vent. Although this isn’t much of a problem at first, the lint in the grooves will accumulate after each load of laundry and clog the vent.

If you notice a burning smell coming from the dryer, if the drying times take longer, or if the dryer is unusually hot when you touch it, you probably have a clogged dry vent. It is best to get help from professional dryer vent cleaners in Nashville to ensure a safe, efficient cleaning job.

3. Dryer belt

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Issues with the dryer belt are sure to damage the dryer and will greatly affect its performance. A damaged belt will not let your dryer tub move effectively enough to dry your laundry. If the belt happens to be completely torn apart or slips while it should be working the pulley, the dryer will stop working. You will have to look for a replacement belt that matches the make and model of your dryer.

4. Motor

Having problems with the motor is one of the common reasons dryers break. Professionals are often left with the solution of replacing dryer motors in most cases. But sometimes, overused dryers will only require a brief amount of time for rest. After that, they will start working again.

Keep in mind that overheating is a sign your dryer motor is no longer in good condition. To minimize the chances of having problems with the motor, avoid using the dryer for long periods. Let it rest between continuous loads. This way, the motor has enough time to cool down.

Dryers save you valuable time and give a great deal of convenience to your daily chores. Take good care of your dryer through proper use and regular maintenance, and you will prevent the hassle of dealing with damp clothes every time you do laundry. Start with the parts mentioned above.