Washer Maintenance to Increase Its Durability

Washer Maintenance to Increase Its Durability

A washing machine has become a necessity in most households. The reason is that it makes cleaning easier, giving people time to do other house chores. Your washing machine should be maintained in a good working condition for efficient and convenient cleaning.

Dealing with current problems

Your washer, like any other electronic equipment, is susceptible to mechanical and electrical failures. Such include poor draining, violent vibrations, and motor wear and tear. Such defects should be repaired immediately to avoid further damage. There are companies in Salt Lake City that offer washer repair services. They diagnose your washer’s problem and do the necessary repairs and replacements where required.

Violent vibrations and constant bouncing are an indication that your washer requires immediate calibration. Failure to do so may cause more damage to your washer. Unusual sounds from your washer are an indication of loose parts that need urgent fixing. Such sounds include loud squeaks, high-pitched whining, and grinding sounds.

Poor draining is an indication that lint and other foreign material have clogged your washer’s filters and require to be cleaned. The motor of your washer gets weaker and wears out over time. The deterioration may be evidenced by poor spin cycles.

The motor should be repaired immediately to avoid complete motor burn out. A completely destroyed motor might require you to buy a new washer. You should consult a professional handyman in case of such issues or once you realize your washer is underperforming.

Proper usage

You should use your washer properly as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Your washer has its specific size and capacity; therefore, you should not overload it. Instead, you should break up bulky laundry into small, manageable loads. Besides, you should use the right kind and amount of detergent for the model of your washer.

For example, low-sudsing laundry detergents are recommended for most energy-efficient washers. Using more detergent than recommended causes excessive wear and tear to your washer. Clean clothes should be transferred to the dryer immediately to avoid the growth of mildew and moss if left in the washer for too long.

After use, you should clean your washing machine to rinse off soap and dirt residues. Chemicals such as manufactured washing machine cleaners or homemade cleaning solutions made up of hot water, baking soda, and vinegar can be used to clean your washer. Finally, you should leave the lid of your washer open after a load to dry out your washer and keep it smelling fresh.


Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance activities such as replacing water hoses and cleaning the lint filter should be done. You should check your washer’s hoses for cracks, bulges, and leaks. In case of any problem, the hoses should be replaced. Moreover, a distance of at least four inches should be maintained between your washer and the wall to avoid kinking of the washer’s hoses.

Your washer’s lint filter should be regularly cleaned for efficient drainage. You should also check for small leaks and wet spots and have them sealed. Otherwise, it may result in bigger problems and potentially damage your flooring. Your washer should be well balanced to avoid damage as it vibrates or during spinning. Such maintenance activities help to ensure your washer is always in good working condition.

The durability and efficiency of your washer are determined by how well you take care of it. Proper maintenance and usage of your washer are, therefore, indispensable.