Different Cleaning Methods for Different Driveways

Different Cleaning Methods for Different Driveways

Cleaning Methods for Different Driveways in KentDriveways are among the first things people see when they visit your homes; driveways are your home’s frontlines. Therefore, it is essential to keep your driveway well maintained. Avoid unnecessary repairs or even premature replacements by maintaining your Kent home driveway with help from pros like Oakleigh Manor.

Below are some tips to keep them in top shape, depending on the material you used:

  1. Concrete driveways

The secret to maintaining concrete driveways is by sealing and cleaning it regularly. On a normal condition (everyday use in a place where the weather is moderate), concrete driveways should be sealed every 2 years or whenever cracks and tears are becoming evident. Cleaning depends on the frequency and capacity of traffic of your driveway. However, like any other driveways, leaks should immediately be cleaned to avoid staining.

  1. Asphalt driveways

Asphalt driveways are as popular as concrete ones. They give your property a smooth finish if properly maintained. Rinse your asphalt driveway at least once a week. Like concrete, spills should immediately be removed to avoid staining. The good thing about asphalt is it does not require sealing as a part of maintenance unless you want it for aesthetic purposes.

  1. Gravel driveways

Gravel is a popular choice, especially if you are tight on a budget. However, unlike the first two, it requires regular maintenance if you don’t want your driveway to look like a mud field. Immediately repair and seal potholes and ruts.

  1. Brick driveways

Brick driveways are more complicated to install, that is why proper maintenance is necessary to avoid the hassles of repair and replacements. The number one eyesore for brick driveways are weeds and moss so make sure you remove them regularly. Sweeping and power washing also helps keep your driveway in shape.

Always keep your home looking good by keeping your driveway in its top shape.