Effective Methods of Strengthening Metal Sheets

Effective Methods of Strengthening Metal Sheets

Man working on a metal sheetMetal sheets have a variety of uses. You’ll find the material in nearly every product you use and every place you visit. It’s in cars, planes, buildings, cutlery, dental appliances, kitchen accessories, and more. Its flexibility, strength, and resistance top corrosion makes it a necessity for almost every industry.

Hascall Steel Company shares that an industrial process transforms metal into thin, flat sheets of different thickness. But what can give the material its structural integrity?

Stretching Profile

This method increases the strength of the metal profile by changing its shape. It requires curve into any metal sheet through the various known methods. Manufacturers stretch the material outside of its limits and wrap it around a die.

Industries use stretch forming machines that are suitable for all sizes and shapes. In your workshop, you can use a hammer and sandbag, and a power hammer among other tools.


Folding over the end of a metal sheet will significantly increase its structural integrity. The size of the bend to be made depends on the application. The easiest way to do so is to clamp the metal and use your body weight to bend it. Another common way is by using a metal break. This machine gives you control on the bend’s quality.

Structural Grooved Seams

Pressing designs, beads or grooves onto the surface of the metal sheets increases its rigidity. These methods add design to the metal surface as they compound the strength of the metal. You can use a number of ways to achieve this, but the most common method is with a hammer or chisel that is softer than the metal in hand.

The combination of the above methods will leave your metal sheets optimally rigid. Also, the tools are easy to use and easy enough to master with enough practice. Alternatively, you can leave the job up to expert technicians in steel service companies.