Conserving Earth’s Finite Resources with Scrap Metal Recycling

Conserving Earth’s Finite Resources with Scrap Metal Recycling

metal recyclingIt is encouraging to know that the availability of information regarding the nature of Earth’s resources—that it is quickly depleting — is making people ‘change their act.’ Here’s a look at the scrap metal industry from, and how metal recycling contributes significantly to the conservation of our planet’s finite resources.

Energy Conservation

Extracting metals from ores take up a lot of energy. By melting them and moulding them anew, manufacturers of essential construction products such as steel use only a portion of that energy. Therefore, recycling scrap metal is more energy efficient than processing new metals fresh from the mines. To illustrate, energy savings from recycling aluminium amount to as much as 95 percent. Meanwhile, using recycled iron and steel is equivalent to 60% energy savings, and using recycled copper saves as much as 90% energy.

These days, steel producers are using as much as 45% recycled raw material. How can you help in this worthwhile endeavour? If you search online directories for scrap metal dealers, plenty of places will show up as ideal for reliable service providers. Sell them the junk metal in your garage. Help conserve energy, cut down greenhouse gas emissions and earn good money.

Conservation of Natural Resources

One of the reasons metal is the ideal building material is its enduring quality. It can be reused again and again. The core properties are retained so that it remains viable. In fact, recycling one tonne of used aluminium leads to the conservation of five tonnes of bauxite. Meanwhile, recycling coal helps conserve natural deposits of limestone, while recycling steel conserves virgin iron ore.

Recyclable metals include steel, iron, copper and aluminium. These are common components of many of the appliances, gadgets and equipment people decide to throw away, never to use again. Products that utilise recycled materials use less energy and have lower environmental impact. Sell your scrap metal and add valuable assets while conserving natural resources.


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