Know Your Options: Choosing the Right Type of Cladding

Know Your Options: Choosing the Right Type of Cladding

windowWith the number of diverse options for wall cladding, how will you know which one will work best for you and your home? In this list are the most popular wall cladding options. Choose which one will suit your home and lifestyle best.

Brick veneer panels

Arguably the most expensive of the lot, classic, well-made brick veneer panel cladding is the most popular of all options. Veneer panels come in only two to three colours, depending on your supplier. These durable panels can stand the test of time.

Man-made weatherboard panels

This is one of the best textured cladding panels available in the market today. Man-made weatherboards are easy to install. With diverse options on the designs and textures, choose from several options to fit your house. suggests weatherboard profiles for new residential, commercial and industrial construction. It is also ideal for recladding projects.

Painted alternatives

These painted alternatives are either made of wood, steel or man-made materials. With customisable colours, you have many options. You can even mix and match panels for improved aesthetics. Pair this with granite cladding to increase the sustainability of the structure. This will require some maintenance, however, to retain its look.

Stone and stone alternatives

One of the more luxurious options available when it comes to textured cladding panels are stone and stone alternatives. These are elegant and are crafted well to give an artistic effect. These options used to be quite expensive, but manufacturers have been innovating ways to reduce production costs.

The cladding you choose impacts the appeal of the structure. Know the options and choose the one that will work best for your home.


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