Keep your Calm with these Tips for Choosing Paint Colours

Keep your Calm with these Tips for Choosing Paint Colours

Choosing Paint ColoursDeciding on whether that creamy yellow colour will fit your commercial space? Like painting your home, commercial painting Wellington takes a lot of thought since after all—you’re really designing your space to showcase your products or services to appeal to potential customers.

Paint colour matters because it will affect the mood and how your space looks like. Here are some tips for commercial painting.

Incorporate Elements for Palate Cleansing

It’s so easy to go overboard once you find a colour you love that you forget to balance it out with palate cleansing neutrals. Consider grey, beige, and whitish hues on walls or shelves that will make your products standout.

Paint Finishes Can Make or Break Your Paint Colours

To illustrate, topping a rich shade with an eggshell finish will make the colour appear flat so this is great if you showcase shiny and glitzy products against a wall with an eggshell finish. On the other hand, if your products are somewhat matte or more subdued, it’s a good idea to showcase them on a shelf or against a wall with a high gloss finish.

Contrast is the essence in commercial painting, Wellington experts such as Gavin Chan Decorators Ltd. suggest.

Don’t Combine Too Many Colours in One Space

While there’s really no hard and fast rules when it comes to the quantity of paint colour choices you can combine in one space, it’s best to tread carefully. Say you offer spa products or products for relaxation; you wouldn’t want to overwhelm your customer’s eyes with rich colours and in different shades at that. You want the room to feel calm and peaceful, just like what your products offer.

Yes, choosing paint colours is can be overwhelming and it’s common for people to keep on coming back to their favourite shades. However, like your personal style, your space will also evolve over time, or you may want to repaint in the future. This is perfectly normal. Just trust that you’ve found the most perfect colours for now and change it up whenever you feel like it.