Tips When Choosing the Right Hairstyle

Tips When Choosing the Right Hairstyle

scissors cutting woman's bangsHairstyles are not one style fits all. Stylists suggest that before having your hair styled or cut, it is worth taking the time to know which hairstyles will best suit your face. Your hairstylists should use the best Yasaka hairdressing scissors to style your hair, as they guarantee the haircut you choose will fit you.

Do the following to determine which hairstyle fits the shape of your face and how the style could look on you.

Determine the Shape of your Face

To know the shape of your face, use a tape measure or ruler to measure and record the width of your brow, forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. Get the length of your face from your forehead hairline to your chin.

Using the measurements you recorded, follow a standard guide to determine if you have an oval, round, oblong, square, diamond, or heart-shaped face. You can easily find these guidelines on the internet either illustrated or described in detail.

Look at Sample Hairstyles

After determining the shape of your face, the next step is to browse through an array of pictures of celebrities and people with the same shape as your face and the hairstyles that you feel you want to have. Take a sample picture of your chosen hairstyle.

Showing your hairstylist a picture of the cut you want will give a clearer idea of what you want done. Your hairstylist may even provide a better suggestion in case the style you want may not fit your hair type or may be too difficult to maintain.

Keep in mind that the perfect haircut does not just involve cutting. It also requires styling, and regular maintenance to keep you looking well groomed always. You may want to follow the suggestions above to check out what hairstyle fits your face.