DIY Problems: Common Painting Mistakes

DIY Problems: Common Painting Mistakes

Painting Mistakes in Australia You’re planning to paint your home. You have prepared all the materials needed and you’re ready to do the job. But, do you really know what you’re doing? Why don’t you hire a professional? Why don’t you look for a painter who is registered with the Painters’ Registration Board? Choosing DIY painting might cause some mishaps especially if it is your first time to do the job. But if you insist, then you should be extra careful. Make sure not to commit the following DIY painting mistakes:

  • Using Poor-quality Applicators

Check on your paintbrush and roller. Are you sure they are of good quality? To achieve good results, you should invest not only in paint but in applicators as well. Choosing poor-quality brush and roller won’t give you a desirable outcome.

  • Failing to Protect the Surroundings

Of course, you wouldn’t want to see spattered paint on your furniture and other household items. So, you should cover them before starting with the job. Protecting some areas of your home doesn’t require too much of your time.

  • Skipping the Primer

The primer prepares the wall surface. It allows the paint to stick more easily and the colour to shine through. If you want, you can purchase a two-in-one paint and primer.

  • Dunking the Applicators

Whether you’re using a brush or a roller, you should only dip a portion of your applicator into the paint can. If you dunk it, then expect to deal with unwanted drippings and dried paint in the bristles.

  • Adding the Second Coat Too Soon

Yes, you’re excited about painting your home. But too much excitement can ruin the job. After applying the first coat, wait for it to dry before adding the second one. Look for instructions on your paint can. Generally speaking, you should wait for at least 24 hours.

Colours add character to a home. The impression they create depends on the shades and effects you choose. Do you prefer lighter colours over darker ones? Would you like to add some twists or just stick with simple designs? Whatever your choice is, it is always best to hire professionals. Or you should at least ask them for advice to avoid these common DIY painting mistakes.